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09-19-2013 06:35 PM  5 years agoPost 1


Houston, TX

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One of my flying buddies was recently accused by Mike Fortin (Epic Helis) of being a thief and posted so here on runryder. The post has since been deleted after Mike Fortin found out that the postal service had the package.

Since the original post Mike Fortin posted has been altered and buried let me highlight what was said. He started by telling us we have a thief among us in Houston, TX. and goes on to say my friend has stolen over $200.00 in parts from him and my friend has used the postal service and pay pal in a grand scheme to do it. Mike Fortin goes on to say my buddy must have the parts because he was told my friend was flying his Epic heli. Now you are lying or you were lied to because my friend's Epic is still on his bench in pieces. Mind you, he has the parts now to repair it but those parts did not come from you. In your post you said you are the only one he could get parts from. That is not even true for the U.S. cause you distribute to Circle City Helis (more on that later). There is this thing called the internet which allows you to get parts from anywhere in the world which my friend took the pleasure in doing since he did not care for the way you do business. What you have done now Mike Fortin will probably shun those of us in the Houston, TX area who were considering a Epic Heli from ever getting one. Remember the saying "Don't mess with Texas"? You done done it done it now.
For those who are new to this drama and did not see Mr. Fortin's post before the alteration and burial, let me tell you a story.

My friend recently crashed his Epic heli at a fun fly in Houston, TX. and ordered some parts from Epic Helis (Mr. Fortin). My friend decided he wanted to expedite the shipping and called Mr. Fortin several times which resulted in no call backs. My friend decides since he is not getting any kind of response from Mr. Fortin he will cancel his order and leaves a message for Mr. Fortin stating such. Guess what, as soon as that message is left my friend gets a call from Mr. Fortin stating he will check and see if the package has gone out already (too late to cancel the order). Of course my friend gets told too late to cancel, the order has shipped and is given a tracking number. My friend really did not care to deal with Mr. Fortin any longer and used pay pal to pay Mr. Fortin my friend calls pay pal to see what he needs to do. Pay pal tells my friend just refuse the package and when pay pal sees the package refused they would refund my friend's account. My friend refuses the package and gets refunded. Funny how this got left out of your version
Here we are 3 weeks later and my friend happens to check his face book page and there is a question from Mr. Fortin asking where are his parts? Why did you not just pick up the phone and call first? My friend then gets a call from Mr. Fortin asking where are his parts and accusing my friend of stealing, blah, blah, blah. My friend explained to Mr. Fortin what he did and basically told Mr. Fortin his problem was with postal service not him. apparently that was not good enough for you Mr. Fortin and my friend gets an email from another flying buddy which contained a derogatory post about my friend on runryder. Our other flying buddy insists my friend get on here and defend himself but he cannot because he is at work at the time. Mr. Fortin accuses my friend of a grand theft scheme using the postal service and pay pal. Mr. Fortin even post a picture of my friend Mr. Fortin took from my friend's face book page and posted in his rant. Now get this, Mr. Fortin once sent my friend a kit by mistake instead of some parts that were ordered. Mr. Fortin realized the mistake and asked my friend to ship it to the customer in California. If my friend is such a thief I think that would have been the time to steal from you, but he did not, did he? Your customer got his kit didn't he? When you had to drop ship a side frame my friend ordered from Circle City Helis, did you consider that maybe his Epic was not flyable as you say you were told?
Mr. Fortin found out after he filed a claim with the postal service the postal service apparently has his parts which apparently got pushed off in a corner some where (happens all the time). Instead of giving the system a chance to work you get on here and accuse someone of being a thief and had others on here throbbing at the mouth waiting to prosecute/persecute. What I have to say next is not just for Mr. Fortin but for all of us. When you get on here and accuse someone of anything, you better have FACTS and not some grand conspiracy theory. This crap happens too much, not just here but on the internet has whole and I am sick of seeing it plus this was close to home. You almost tarnished the reputation of one of our top heli pilots in the Houston area based on beliefs, not facts. I was told you got rid of everything you posted and posted a weak apology but apparently it is buried somewhere. I was also informed you texted my friend an apology. You were man enough to call him and accuse him of being a thief so man up and call with a real apology. You may try offering something to mend the relationship (like a significant discount if he ever orders from you again). Just because you deleted it does not mean the damage has not been done. Many people got to read that mess before you got rid of it. I hope you and others learn from making accusations without solid proof/evidence. What you believe is not always true. This may get deleted (not by me) but hopefully those who saw Mike Fortin's post get to see it so they can know the facts and not what was believed.

I have found the link to Mr. Fortin's post ( Although Mr. Fortin has altered his original post and issued an apology and has removed my friend's picture I want you all to still see how some of you reacted to it and were ready to hunt my friend down based on someone's beliefs, Not facts. Next time make sure you have facts before you go on the hunt.

pcskyhi - live and learn

09-19-2013 07:39 PM  5 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran


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I read 2/3's of this. Very unprofessional of Mr. Fortin to do what he did but in his defense, you never know whats gonna go down when dealing with people over the internet. So many scammers out there and even good people that turn bad once they find a loophole to screw someone. Happens all the time. And thanks to POS's like PayPal, the seller has zero protection. All you have to do is open a dispute and state that that you received a brick in the box, empty package or damaged goods, and they side with the buyer. Again, because of all the worthless human garbage out there taking advantage of people. PayPal doesnt care, they get there 10% of whatever it is now every time a dispute is opened. I wore those shoes once.

09-19-2013 07:43 PM  5 years agoPost 3


Houston, Texas

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I'll follow suit and apologize. I asked "time to post the clowns info". Thinking that this was truly the case. Never saw the picture or saw what his name was at the time of my post.

But you are correct, a lot of us were ready to "hunt him down". But I think this is a result of several of us having being scammed in the past and just wanting to help in some way. Sorry for jumping to conclusions without all the info.

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09-19-2013 07:54 PM  5 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran


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I have gone through this... but we waited 9 months to reveal the problem on-line. There are always two sides to every story. Sad, but the world is so bad a place now it is hard to trust anyone. When you find good people, hang on to the relationships.

We depend on each other for good and bad news. So it has to keep going... just be right when you complain.

09-19-2013 08:06 PM  5 years agoPost 5
Mike Fortin

rrElite Veteran


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Yes, after 3 weeks I have to admit I thought what I thought.

USPS was useless and said they never got the package back.

Mysteriously it showed up today at the post office and is now on the way back to us.

Keep in mind, the buyer opened a PayPal dispute hours after being notified the package shipped. If that's not enough to make you weary.

It's unfortunate to think there are any bad people out there and I always give the benefit of the doubt. Sadly this simply went wrong in every way from shipping to return.

Glad it's resolved, your friend is a good guy and I've apologized.

I never posted his face or name and I'm super happy that he was indeed correct.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Mike Fortin next time have facts and not conspiracy theories when accusing someone of being a theif!
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