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09-09-2013 02:29 AM  5 years agoPost 121

rrElite Veteran

Tacoma, WA

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Amen, hindsight. Right there with ya. And no, you are not over reacting.

This year's Switzerland incident and IRCHA 2013 incident should be a large wake up call. I was proud that our Pacific North West Snohomish fun fly had TWO flight lines: pilot stand, and no-fly zone in front of the pilot. It only helps reduce the chances, and I was glad to see the extra effort taken. It's up to the pilot after that.

_Sam B_

09-09-2013 12:37 PM  5 years agoPost 122

rrElite Veteran


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Your suggestion is quite disturbing. What are you suggesting? That we don't care about a guy in Europe or a child in Malaysia? Or the accident at IRCHA? That American heli pilots only care about accidents within the states? That is ridiculous. I think we all(country barriers removed) need to stand down and examine what we are doing wrong and how we can improve. We need to tell guys to move it out. I don't know if we need to erect physical barrier screens or what to do, but three deaths in a year, when there was only one before, is a loud ringing alarm we need to respond to.

It happened to a very well known sponsored pilot with exceptional flying skills. If it can happen to him, then it can happen to anyone and maybe, just maybe, his death will have served a far greater purpose. Sir, I care about your safety too. May you live long and enjoy the hobby.

Why is it when the person Europe died from rc heli there was little talk of heli safety ?
when the "safety police" attacked lil Ryan for flying in a school yard with his classmates they were told to shut up and stop overreacting.

The real question is why are you guys overreacting "in general"?

is it because he was American?
or because he was a sponsored pilot?

09-09-2013 03:18 PM  5 years agoPost 123


Stillwater Oklahoma

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I was one of the safety police referred to above, and I said that I strongly disagreed with the decision made by Ryan's FATHER, to allow him to fly at that location. No attack. Just words. I HATE the fact that disagreement expressed verbally has become known as an attack!

I don't think anyone "attacked" "lil Ryan". He is too young to bear ANY responsibility for the decision to fly at that venue.

I do agree with the earlier premise that THIS accident is generating a LOT MORE conversation about safety than the death of the baby in (Malaysia I think). I was one of the Safety Nazi's in that conversation as well.

Ron Delahoussaye

09-09-2013 05:36 PM  5 years agoPost 124



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I am not sure as to why this incident has generated so much discussion. I know it has hit close to home for many of us. Though I have to say that the death of the pilot in Europe certainly put some fear into me. Perhaps it was because no one actually saw it happen, and didn't want to speculate.

And I was not aware of the child's death. .

I am strongly for increasing the safety for spectators, and pilots. In other threads I have seen some people comment that spectators take on an implied risk when they attend a meet. But really, are we advertising these meets as posing this type of risks?

The places where there is risk of life or limb, such as car races, usually have strong and high fencing for spectators.

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09-16-2013 09:29 PM  5 years agoPost 125


North east,USA.

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It is sad to read some of the comments about safety and what happened. Nobody thinks it will happen to them untill it dose.

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