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Wantagh N.Y. USA

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My friend heard it on the radio and texted me. I just read what the Internet has said. My condolences to the family. They called it a toy helicopter, that's there first mistake.
A 19-year-old model helicopter enthusiast was killed Thursday when a toy helicopter he was flying struck him in the head, a law-enforcement official said.

Victim Roman Pirozek “was known to be aggressive in his flying and often executed tricks. He was executing a trick when he was struck,” the official said.

The accident occurred around 3:30 p.m. at Calvert Vaux Park, near Shore Parkway and Bay 44th Street in the Gravesend neighborhood in Brooklyn, the official said.

Mr. Pirozek – depicted in the above YouTube video he posted in July — was flying a remote-controlled helicopter worth about $2,000 when it struck him, cutting off the top of his head, the official said. The Woodhaven, Queens, resident was pronounced dead at the scene. His father was with him at the time of the accident, the official said.

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Justin Stuart (RIP)


Plano, Texas

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Look here:

Avant RC
Scorpion Power Systems
Thunder Power RC
Kontronik Drives

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Wantagh N.Y. USA

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Fatal Flight and safety and Monday Morning quarter backs.
Thanks Justin for the thread link.
I think everyone should review that thread thats posted.

On behalf of flying for about 30yrs strictly Helicopters. Im 47 now and I will say I have taken dangerous risks. We took more risks learning to fly these machines back then. We had to be somewhat close to these machines. Learning with 2 dowels and wiffle balls dragging along the ground. Did Roman take risks of course. Did he take risked that day no body knows. But my opinion is we take a risk everytime we go flying. Who's to say you take off for a flight and you lose contact and it flys away for miles. It hits a house or a person, a kid, a car. Its a risk. The few people that have judged Roman on the other thread should stand down with the comments and wait and see all the facts before posting anything.
1) Was it pilot error.
2) Radio malfunction.
3) Did a servo wire break, something else give that sent it out of control.

People watching a youtube video of Roman flying are posting their thoughts based what they watched. Come on people we all no what can happen in a split second with these machines at 2ft or 100ft. We all no the power of these machines and how fast they are and the destruction that they can cause. They can and do get away from us sometimes.

I lost my share of Helicopters. And when you think, or you know that a crash is coming it's one scary place to be in. I had a radio lock out at a hover, it started drifting off at about 5ft off the ground. I yelled a warning to everyone at the field (dead stick I lost it no radio contact). It took a good 30 seconds before it was over. No injuries just a wrecked Helicopter. Thank God.

My stupidity/recklessness to save time and battery power. I would adjust my Helicopter the day before in my front or rear yard. Also so I can go with a fully charged Helicopter to the field the next day. I would strap it down to a board on some saw horses and get the engine and blades and governor trimmed out perfect. Was what I did safe ? To who's level of reckless standards. It was to my standards. Why because I wanted to go flying the next day and I said that it was fine. Then get more reckless and take it out front and hover it to make sure my adjustments were satisfactory. Was it safe, No not safe at all but I'm sure its been done. Not pushing off my stupidity. And then I would go to sleep like a baby and fly the next day.

Well I didn't sleep like a baby last night. My thoughts were with Roman and his family and friends. This was a person I never met before nor have I ever heard his name before until yesterday. He was only 19 yrs old. What happened to him was something I have always thought about for yrs.

We get complacent on how our Helicopters are going to be fine and work like they did every other time we have them out. I just looked up the definition for complacent and the sentance they use to describe it goes "You can't afford to be complacent about security" This goes for all the flying we do and adjusting, flying close, flying at a distance, people near by, flying at a regular field, your yard, a school yard.

An unseen uncontrollable malfunction can happen anywhere anytime. What ever the reason it's always a risk we take when we fly. Machines will fail, parts wear out, Bearings will fail. It's a risk just walking on to the flying field or just down the street.

But we can adjust some of our bad risk habits in this hobby to become a little safer.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterSafety - RC Helis are not toys › Fatal R/C Helicopter Accident in Brooklyn today.
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