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› Castle 120 HV not calibrating properly, help!
09-01-2013 02:29 AM  5 years agoPost 1
S76 Mech

rrElite Veteran

Hatboro, Pa.

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Swapped out an 80HV for a 120HV on my Goblin 630 today. I am having issues with getting it calibrated in fixed end points.

In the castle software I have it set and saved to Fixed End Points. I re-read the settings to verify that it saved as such.

In my DX7 I programmed Normal mode to a linear curve.
Throttle trim is 0.
Set Throttle end points to 30/30.
Turned on the Rx and let the 7200Bx initialize.
Raised my throttle stick to high.
Plugged in the 12s batterys.

ESC counts the beeps 12 times, then initializes with triple beep.
Even though it initializes, the motor does not turn.

This is where it should not be initializing until I raise the high stick throttle ATV to around 90-100ish (then add 2 more).

Why is it initializing when I arm the ESC with the ATVs at 30/30 ???

09-01-2013 03:06 AM  5 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran


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Unique SmartSafe Functionality of AR7200BX
The AR7200BX features a unique SmartSafeTM failsafe function that operates in the following manner:
During power up and before the RF connection, no output pulses are present on the throttle. The ESC will not arm.
• When the RF connection is made between the transmitter and receiver, the throttle servo output pulse is driven to the bound failsafe position (normally low throttle) regardless of the throttle stick position. The output pulse remains at the bound failsafe position until the throttle stick is returned to low throttle. At this point the ESC is armed, however, the receiver is “locked” at low throttle.
• When you move the throttle stick to the low position, the system allows normal throttle control of the throttle output pulses.
This feature was developed to prevent the throttle from returning to a high throttle position (idle up active) after a brown out, as the cyclic servos will not recover until re-initialization.
The Issue
To enter the programming, calibration, or data reset modes, many ESCs (Castle, E-flite, Align and others.) require the first pulse to be at full throttle (1.9ms). SmartSafe, as described above, prevents this from happening with the AR7200BX.
Recommended Solution
Using a Separate Receiver Pack to Pre-Connect the AR7200BX
1. It is highly recommended that you first disengage the gear train by removing the pinion gear anytime you plan to access the program- ming mode.
2. Disconnect the battery from the ESC and disconnect the ESC from the receiver.
3. Carefully remove the red wire from the ESC throttle lead connector. This will prevent the possibility of damaging the BEC when you power the receiver using a separate receiver pack.
4. Turn on the transmitter.
5. Using a separate receiver pack, plug the receiver pack connector into any port (other than throttle) in the AR7200BX. Allow the system to connect and initialize.
6. Release the throttle output pulse by moving the throttle to the low posi- tion. Move the throttle to the full throttle position to enter programming mode.
7. With the throttle at full, plug in the ESC throttle lead connector (with the red wire disconnected) into the AR7200BX throttle port and plug in the main LiPo battery. Power on the LiPo battery through the ESC or switch harness, if applicable. The ESC should enter the programming mode.
8. Program the ESC as normal. Disconnect the LiPo battery and the receiver pack after you finish programming the ESC.
9. Attach the red wire to the ESC throttle lead connector. Plug the throttle lead connector into the throttle port on the AR7200BX.

09-01-2013 03:42 AM  5 years agoPost 3
S76 Mech

rrElite Veteran

Hatboro, Pa.

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Got it figured out thanks to my boy Tim (Raptors499).

Had to initialize the 7200 with throttle ATVs at 100/100. Once it initialized, then I turned them back down to 30/30. Raised the throttle stick and plugged in the 12S. She beeped 12 times and then allowed me to raise my ATV values properly then she gave me the tones. Lowered the stick and did the same. Good to go.

Thanks Tim!!!

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› Castle 120 HV not calibrating properly, help!
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