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08-16-2013 06:50 PM  7 years ago
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Need help! Rcaerodyne md 500 with trex 500 mechanics
I just got the fuse. As I am test fitting the mechanics, I am realizing there is no room to get to the back screws and there is no room to move the heli up off the wood plate to put the mounting blocks underneath. Has anyone ever done this combo or is there a build thread?
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08-17-2013 05:45 AM  7 years ago


San Rafael, CA USA

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Well, I am not sure i completely understand your predicament. You need to note the levels the pod needs to be at to determine how much wood to put under the front and rear of the pod. Then mount these wood plates to the bottom of the pod (I side team same screw holes that are used to mount the regular gear. It might take a bit of gentle coaxing to get the tail and boom into the fuse. I have a 450 version of this and can access rear screws to mount the pod from windows on top of the rear part of the fuse. Front screws are easy. I have seen instructions where the back wood blacks slide under a L bracket to keep the rear of the pod in place and the front screws keep the pod from sliding forward and thus freeing the rear part of the pod.
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08-25-2013 11:25 AM  7 years ago


Trenton, IL

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I dont have a way to post pictures but there are a number of ways to tackling your problem. I have a 600 size MD500 which has sort of a quick disconnect idea. There is so to speak built up slot for the rear of the mechanics to "latch" into, and then the front portion of the mechanics get bolted to the fuse. That way you can take the gear box of the tail, slide mechanics into fuse, the rear goes into a fixed position and the front screws secure it in place. Im in transit from Afghanistan and will be home in a few days if you need further help, pm me and i will try to help as much as possible.Joel
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08-25-2013 01:07 PM  7 years ago


UpState, NY

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MD500 mounting
Hi Pat
Both guys are right.
What I did on mine was set the wood blocks on the floor to get the tail
boom centered inside the fuse. I did this with masking tape.
I then slid it past the wood to assemble the tail gearbox beyond
the end of the tail boom on the fuse.
I then did a test fit for tail gearbox and wood blocks inside the fuse.
When I was happy I built up the forward and rear cross beam that bolts
to the bottom of the Trex 500 frames,
I will also call it the base plate where the landing gear bolts to on the Trex 500.
I screwed the wood down to the front floor, leaving the back unsecured.
When I made my final height & side to side adjustments I marked the
floor with a pencil for exact placement.
I then pulled out the mechanics again and screwed the rear wood blocks
to the floor leaving a gap in between the wood stack up so the base plate
cross beam on the Trex could slide under and between the wood stack.
Locking the rear in place.
I have three blocks of wood on the rear.
The bottom wood block is wide, the next wood block is half the width of the bottom one
and the top block is as wide as the bottom block again leaving a C channel inside the blocks.
That is where the mechanics cross beam slides under and holds the rear frames down to the floor.
Similar to a forward canopy mount, if you know what I mean.
Hope this helped, Let us know how you make out.
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HomeScale✈️AircraftScale HeliScale Helicopter Main Discussion › Need help! Rcaerodyne md 500 with trex 500 mechanics

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