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Vernal, UT USA

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I have a radical G20 with a modded zanoah g20 by Wally. I am running a Rcexl ignition. The problem I am having is I will get it started and running and after a min or so it will die. I have not touched anything and checked the spark and I have no spark. If I unplug and plug in my battery I will then get spark back and it starts right up. The battery I am using is a brand new 4.8v nicad.

Does the ignition just need replaced? Or is there something I am over looking?

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rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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more than likely you have a power problem with the battery....The ignition units are very robust and unless you exceeded the voltage to the CDI they tend to survive just about everything else...Try going with a different power supply to feed your CDI, it sounds like it may be shutting down on you due to the NiCad failing (even though its new). If you have a voltmeter you can hook it up across the power supply leads going to the it and watch the voltmeter, if it drops to anything close to the CDIs minimum for input power while at idle, you'll know then that it can't supply the amps needed.

I know its sounds strange but you may want to also check the magnets for the Ignition sensor...some of the stock fan units magnets seem to be weak and causing all kinds of issues...lots of guys with the plastic black fan unit had to replace thiers with new, better magnets to get the engine to run right.

last thing would be to try to change out the plug...some damaged plugs fail internally and with heat start to short out internally....its rare but I have seen it once (the engine was running really dirty and plug was also fouled badly).

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Custer Park IL.

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I only recommend using a life 6v 2100mah to 3000mah battery on all my engines using the 4.8v-6v EI's now,
The higher volts will enable your engine to run smoother and much longer at a higher rpm then a 4.8v,
And also will improve the sensor reading of the magnet, the newer EI's I been using for the last two years are at 4.8-8.4 volts, And about to replace with the new 11.1 volt we have been testing since the beginning of the year.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterCentury Radikal G20-30 N640 Hawk Predator › Rcexl ignition on zanoah help?
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