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07-28-2013 04:23 AM  6 years ago
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Problem with 10c
Hi All,

I have a Futaba 10c which is about 6 or 7 years old and well used. I set up a friends trex 550 on it a couple of weeks ago, straight forward setup with a beast x, no problems setting with setting it up. Now I transferred my setting over to his radio(18mz) so I can put him on a buddy box. Now here is where I discovered the problem with my 10c. Had the 18mz setup as the master(teacher) and the 10c setup as the slave, was making sure there were not any changes when switching between the master and slave. I found that with the collective only that there was more pitch travel on the slave than was on the master. I checked the atvs' on both transmitter, all were set to 100 with the swash as H-1. I was puzzled, so went into the menu of the 10c for the servo movement and here I find that the end points in the atv for the pitch do not match the end points of the servos. Positive collective pitch was 131 instead of 100 and negative collective pitch was 132 instead of 100. This started to scare me, looked to see if any mixing was turned on, none. So scratched my head for a few moments, then some more moments, then decided to increase the end points on the collective in the 18mz. Buddy box problem solved. But the problem with the atvs' and servo end points still remain in the 10c. Dug a little deeper in to the other models on my 10c and low and behold I found that the atv's on channels 6 through 10 do not coincide with the end points in the servo menu. I need some input on this problem. I did fly my 450 tonight without any problems, flew yesterday and the day before .... I've had no indications of any problems. It has been a rock solid radio, now I'm really concerned. Is it time to ditch the radio, I don't think it's worth sending it in to have it looked at. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Damn that ground is hard! When's the right time to get out of this money sucking hobby?
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterRadio - Futaba FASST › Problem with 10c
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