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Hobart, Tasmania - Australia

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G'day guys,

This request could get a bit involved I think - I hope anyone who has gone through this process can help.
Looking for advice on setting up a TX and 2 ESC's on my 700 Blue Thunder as well as 2 ESC's on my 800 Gazelle heli's - including autorotation setup. The hardware that I am running is:
RADIO: Spektrum DX18
MAIN MOTOR: Scorpion HK4035-630KV (560KV on Gazelle)
MAIN ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix ICE2 HV 120

TAIL MOTOR: Scorpion HK3226-900KV
TAIL ESC: Castle Creations Phoenix ICE 75

What I have done so far:
1. I have set-up the main ESC throttle end points in accordance with CC instructional video.
2. I then set the main ESC GOV mode
3. Then set the (TX) 3 flight mode throttle curve %'s which I got from the ESC setup screen on my laptop through the Castle link cable.
4. I have set-up a throttle curve for the main motor
5. I have NOT set-up a throttle curve for the tail yet, needs to be done after other set-up items..
6. I have set-up the right knob on the TX to adjust the offset between the main curve and the tail curve.

The things I can not get my head around, are:
1. Do I set-up the tail esc in exactly the same way as the main ESC. ie. Do I set the throttle end points using the main throttle stick even though I have a separate tail throttle curve and using a separate offset knob on the TX?
2. Then we get to Autoration setup - geeeezzzzz where to from here......

I can follow setting up one esc no problem but when it comes to 2 ESC's - one slaved off the other???? Would a simple "Y" lead setup be a better option - or maybe use the knob on the TX to set and forget the tail RPM.

So guys, hopefully another BT or Gazelle builder has sorted this mess out.



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rrKey Veteran


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This may be of some help or not. But from my blade cp days of dual brushless motors. If I remember right the gyro will control the tail motor esc, speed. But like you said you may need to adjust the end points of the gyro. You need to only use the ground and signal wire comming out of the gyro and power the esc from where you get your main from.

Arming a tail esc you have to hold either full or right rudder to arm the esc.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Blue Thunder & Gazelle dual motor/esc/radio setup questions
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