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Southern, NJ

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Below you will find links to videos that will guide you through learning how to fly an RC Helicopter. These short heli training videos are geared towards getting your RC helicopter up in the air fast by showing you what to practice. Following these steps and practicing each level will build muscle memory, orientation, sport flying, 3D skills and give you the confidence you need to improve your rc heli flying at the field. The intended audience is sport to intermediate 3d pilots. Even if you are doing 3d moves test yourself and see if you have any weaknesses in these levels. Make sure you practice and master each level before you move up. In just 30 minutes a night or less you can learn to fly an RC helicopter and become a master 3d heli pilot.

Level 1 – Hovering upright

Watch at YouTube

Learn upright hovering, rudder control and orientation. Hovering side on, tail in and nose in be difficult. This video shows you in a few minutes what to practice to hover an RC helicopter upright. Practice:

Tail at 45 degrees offset
Side in viewing the helicopters left and right side
Nose in with the tail directly away and offset
Stretch: Pirouette back to tail in. Backward flips
Bonus: Forward flight circle

Level 2 – Hovering inverted

Watch at YouTube

Inverted hovering is difficult because our brains don’t want to believe a heli can fly upside down. Follow along on this video and master rudder control and the soft feel you need to hover an RC helicopter while inverted. Practice:

Tail offset 45 degrees on each side
Side in looking at the heli on the left and right
Nose in inverted
Stretch: Forward flips, Rolls, Inverted piro to tail nose in.
Bonus: Inverted forward circle

Level 3 – Flying in circles

Watch at YouTube

Learn to fly an RC helicopter in circles and keep it on a constant heading without increasing to decreasing in speed. Controlling the cyclic and elevator movements you will learn to groove the heli into a circle and keep it there. Practice:

5 forward circles left and right
5 backward circles left and right
5 inverted forward circles left and right
5 inverted backwards circles left and right
Stretch: Forward loops, Backward loops,Tail down tic tocs
Bonus: tail down rainbows, stationary piros

Level 4 – Flying in Figure 8’s

Watch at YouTube

Once you complete circles the next step is to learn to fly an RC helicopter in figure 8’s. The main thing you are learning is the transition between one circle to the other. Don’t cheat and do lazy 8’s make sure you come around in as perfect a figure 8 as possible. Practice:

Switch this move so the figure 8 crosses towards you and away from you.
Inverted backwards
Stretch: Snake transition in figure 8 with 30% bank angle, Side on Tic-Tocs
Bonus: Stall turns changing orientations at the top of the turn

Level 5 – Learning funnels

Watch at YouTube

Something about remote control helicopters in sideways flight looks cool and seems so wrong to our brains. Think about doing circles and focus on grooving in your funnels. The key is to reverse your aileron and elevator cyclic movements from a circle and let them go. Practice:

5 upright tail down, left and right
5 upright tail up left, and right
5 inverted tail down, left and right
5 Inverted tail up, left and right
Stretch: Funnel figure 8’s
Bonus: slowing down funnels and changing the speed

Level 6 – Learning loops

Watch at YouTube

Performing large loops with an RC heli can really be fun. Work on these and controlling your inputs on the simulator before you go the field. Also remember with a flybared helicopter that you will need to give constant cyclic inputs during a loop to keep everything in sync. Practice:

5 inside forward, left and right
5 inside backward left, and right
5 outside forward, left and right
5 outside backward, left and right
Stretch: Vertical loop figure 8
Bonus: Sideways loops

Level 7 – Morphing or Transitions

Watch at YouTube

Learn to fly figure 8’s, hurricanes and the mobius with your RC helicopter. The video lesson will show you how to practice morphing from one orientation to another in flight. Follow the video and steps below and practice:

5 of each figure 8 morphing orientations
Forward upright to inverted going left and right
Backwards upright to inverted going left and right
Upright funnel to inverted left and right
Verticle loop figure 8’s left and right
Horizontal loop figure 8’s going left and right

Level 9 – Pirouetting travel

Watch at YouTube

Flying an RC helicopter while is is pirouetting can be challenging. This video will walk you through how to learn to fly your RC helicopter while it is doing a piro. Or as most people describe it this the video with show you how to fly piro moves with an RC helicopter.

Pirouetting in a straight line left right, inverted
Piro circle upright
Piro circle inverted
Piro flips
Piro Figure 8 Upright
Piro Figure 8 Inverted
Level 10 Direction
Go back and practice all above in the direction you were most uncomfortable.

For more information check out my site.

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rrKey Veteran

Farmington, CT

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When will the tandem flying tutorial be posted?

Team Align, Team Futaba, Team Byron Fuels, Team Thunder Power

06-10-2013 11:14 PM  5 years agoPost 3


Brewerton, New York

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Bill Whittaker

06-11-2013 07:00 PM  5 years agoPost 4



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Thanks for posting your videos. They are very good.

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Riverside, ca

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These videos are amazing... I am working my way through them right now. If you follow the training it sets you up with the proper foundation to complete the more advance move, not to just do them but to have the ability to adjust and make them look good! Thank floop these are awesome!!!!

Still working out the kinks...

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Melbourne, Florida. USA

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Thanks for the video really cool stuff!!!

Fly High, Fly Fun, Fly Secure.........Fly 3D!!!! Bavarian Demon USA Team

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Thanks for the video really cool stuff!!!
+1, Great post!

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Proctor, Arkansas

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Yeah, my hat is off to you. Real good flight school, we want more


Old pilots never die they just fade away

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