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05-13-2013 01:07 AM  6 years ago
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Westfield, Indiana, USA

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USED JETI DUPLEX DC-16 Telemetry Transmitter
USED JETI DUPLEX DC-16 Telemetry Transmitter
I have a used JETI Duplex DC-16 2.4GHZ Telemetry radio for sale. This radio was used until the DS-16 became available in May. The radio was purchased new in January and is in perfect condition. It comes with a case, power supply and USB connector. This is a 16 channel radio with full voice telemetry. Price is $950.00 shipped in CONUSA. The manufacturer description is below:

Jeti Duplex DC-16 2.4GHz, Telemetry Radio -
This revolutionary, digital, 16 Channel, 2.4GHz, frequency hopping radio system is fully designed and manufactured by Jeti Model in the Czech republic. This is one of the most advanced radio systems on today's market. With their solid CNC aluminum case with a fully integrated antenna, a mini USB port, built-in speaker, headset jack, metal transmitter gimbals with Hall sensors (4096 step resolution) and 9 ball bearings for precision movement, a large 320x240 backlight display and many other features the Jeti DC/DS-16s are sure to become the new standard in transmitter performance.

One of the attractive features of the Duplex 2.4GHz line of products is it's full integration with all Duplex telemetry sensors. You can easily observe up to 40 different parameters in real-time directly on the transmitter. Or, by using the JetiBox Profi (sold separately) you can see your data in parallel mode giving you and your copilot valuable real-time information (see video).

One of the most important features of Jeti's transmitters is the gimbal and switch function assignment flexibility. With the DC/DS-16 you are free to fully customize your radio. You can swap switches or sticks (Mode 1-4) and the on-board computer will recognize your changes and assign functions anywhere you like. Other important functions are programmable Sounds/Alarms and even user-recordable sounds. This audible alarm feature was specifically designed to keep you informed while also keeping distractions to a minimum. We think this is the best way enhance both your enjoyment and your model safety. You can simply set a receiver battery capacity alarm for the desired capacity used and once that number is reached the system acoustically and visually gives you warnings

Specifications and Features

State-of-the-art, upgradable firmware which gives you full freedom and complete control.
Solid aluminum, CNC cut transmitter case with fully integrated antenna and oversized LCD display.
Mini USB port for firmware upgrades and PC download of telemetry data.
Integrated speaker and 3.5mm headset jack. You can play back music and create custom voice alarms. Options are virtually unlimited.
Built-in, logical switches that lets you program a complex string of control events with the simple flip of a switch.
9-point, programmable curve mixes for all 16 digital proportional channels.
You can set up not just dual, but triple rates.
Pre-programmed servo setups for nearly every type of wing, tail and swash plate imaginable.
Unlimited use of the on-board 2GB SD card memory.
Fully integrated logical switch functions. If you need to drop bombs only if your throttle is at 50% and bay doors are open, with this system you can. Your programming/mixing options are virtually unlimited.
Fully integrated digital telemetry. View, process and store all your telemetry data and even wirelessly program any of the Duplex EX sensors.
Create, manage and program all alarms. Enhance safety for both yourself and your model. Monitor your temperature, speed, battery voltage, receiver battery capacity and much more.
All switches and channels are completely moveable and assignable. Want to move throttle to the right slider or switch several functions to just one stick? With the Jeti radio system, yes you can. Basically, you can program any stick, dial, switch or slider to generate any output you choose.
Unlimited number of programmable timers. You can easily set a timer for your overall flight time, a model memory timer for the motor run of a specific model, and any number of count down/stopwatch timers that can be activated any number of ways.

(1) Jeti Duplex DC-16 Transmitter
(1) Jeti Transmitter Aluminum Case
(1) 110-240V Wall Power Supply
(1) Tx Battery Li-poly 3200mAh 3.7V (1S2P)
(1) Mini USB to USB PC Cable

Twin Bergen 44Magnums FBL Wren NW44s - Kero start
09-17-2013 12:20 PM  6 years ago


Delta, OH

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Sorry for bringing this back to life but did you end up selling this?
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Home🏬Classified✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterClassifieds - ElectronicsOther Sold  USED JETI DUPLEX DC-16 Telemetry Transmitter
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