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05-09-2013 04:11 PM  6 years ago
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Flip your clutch
If you have a whiplash gasser I've found that running the clutch with the arrows pointing DOWN instead of up is the better way to go. This makes it bite nose in instead of tail in and the same way as my Spectra and 1005 gassers.

The zenoah clutch was designed to be used on rc cars and I expect that they put arrows on it to run tail in to make it bite less aggressively for car tires. Helicopter blades have alot more mass and will work better with the nose in setup.

Flipping the clutch will eliminate tail chatter when the engine in unloaded at rpms.

You may also want to change the location of the wave washers to make sure everything runs true. I've done a couple of videos on this on the other forum.

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05-09-2013 04:54 PM  6 years ago



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So you got it figured out. That's good.
05-10-2013 01:47 AM  6 years ago


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I bet that's why I have to rev it up pretty high before it engages. Thanks!!
05-10-2013 05:24 PM  6 years ago

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MA has already figured out the engineering, its a lot more going on than you flipping shoes

05-10-2013 05:31 PM  6 years ago
Carey Shurley

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if flipping the shoes around has solved your problem, then all things being equal its a clear indication that its related to the way the clutch engages under loading/unloading conditions.

Most of the glow clutch systems have used the leading edge/aggressive layout for some time, I know the Spectra-G did and Bill Meador convinced Century to convert their Radikal clutch system over as well (he's done really a lot of work around how clutch engagement affects the performance of these models). I'm told the aggressive clutch shoe idea originated with Curtis Youngblood years ago, at least for model helicopters

In all of those other setups, they use a cut slot arrangement where the clutch shoes literally deform outward at RPM from centrifugal force and the engagement point is really close to the end of each shoe.

On the RC clutch there are two separate shoes swinging on bolts and the engagement is further away from the end of each shoe (closer to the center) simply because of the geometry of the layout

At the time the Whiplash was put together it was thought that since the liner on the Zenoah clutch is so much harder than the typical clutch liner material that it wouldn't make any difference in clutch performance.

As you seem to have discovered it looks like there may be conditions in which it does

I've talked to the guys at the machine shop about making a different clutch mount plate that changes the shoe mount geometry and would move the engagement point further out. This may solve the problem in and of itself or it might still require flipping the shoes over as well.

I have some time tomorrow to look at the layout, hopefully they'll consider taking a closer look at making it.
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