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05-06-2013 01:09 PM  6 years ago
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gold coast qld australia

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Hi guys

bit of advice please I am just starting of in choppers yet to
purchase,I have purchased a dx8 spectrum and phoniex sim and
doing plenty practise on it , I am looking at the thunder tiger
X50E kit I am complete newb at this but have been racing rc off road for many years and built lots of cars and still racing , but have long wanted to give choppers a go , advice I would like would be what motor, ese, gyro brand of servos and size eg savox ?

any help much appreciated

cheers simon
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05-06-2013 01:55 PM  6 years ago


Brewerton, New York

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For the first one, I would look for a used one all set up and ready to fly. Just gives you a little more time to fly than worry about setup! Welcome to the RC heli world, you will never be the same.Bill Whittaker
05-06-2013 02:27 PM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Planet Brooklyn, NY-USA

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And to add to Wrongler, find a group in your area that flys helis and enlist there help. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

RIP Roman Pirozek Jr.
Team Futaba USA
Team Kontronik USA
05-06-2013 04:05 PM  6 years ago
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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💎Sustaining Member
Welcome to RR.

You are on the right path, first by practicing on a sim, secondly on a good radio and your heli choice is also great.

As you are mechanically inclined given car info I would strongly encourage you to go ahead and build your kit. This not only makes you familiar with your model but also teaches parts names and in a worts case scenario, how to rebuild it properly...again.

This link takes you directly to the Thunder Tiger area of forum. There you can search and or ask what others are using successfully in their machine.

Just like flavors and colors, (as with your cars) your electronic options can vary greatly.

Best of luck!
~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~
05-06-2013 04:55 PM  6 years ago


Morral, Ohio - USA

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Congratz on giving helis a try! I have been dinking with helis for 3 years and its a blast, but its not ez. The 1st mistake I made was not joining a club. I went it alone for 2 years looking to a hobby shop for help. Soon it was clear I needed more help so I joined a club. I learned more in two weeks then I knew in 2 years by myself! I had a sim but the club members suggested I get a Blade MCPX V2 heli. The MCPX is collective pitch just like an X50. What a toy! From Horizon Hobby these are $129 delivered to your door. I think an X50 would be a great 1st heli. Parts are not too expensive either.
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05-16-2013 02:26 AM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Campbell, Texas

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Welcome to the greatest addiction and RunRyder!
Get both. Always have a backup.

I love the smell of nitro in the morning.
RIP Roman
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