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04-08-2013 01:57 AM  6 years ago
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master CP weird behavior
My brother purchased a Master CP radio combo and brought over to have me check it out. As in the past with my Trex 450s I mounted to a small spin stand to check it out and track the blades. A photo is in my gallery

Before spooling it up I checked for proper swash / radio control and noticed that there was a something weird. When I would command either right or left cyclic the swash would also give a slight forward cyclic. Not being familiar with flybarless control I decided to spool up the bird (remember it is mounted to small spin stand), things got worst. It seemed to be glitch and there were no recognizable commands (pitchor cyclic) on the swash plate, in fact it seemed to be commanding a hard negative + left roll.

Any ideas to as what is going on, and what should I expect with a flybarless system when the bird is anchored?
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 1 page 1263 views POST REPLY
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