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04-06-2013 11:51 PM  6 years ago
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Port Orchard, WA

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Beginner Heli Assistance in Washington State
My Kid's bought me a Hawkspy LT-711 coaxial for Christmas and while the heli is nice I found it wouldn't go forward and had issues.

Purchased several Syma Coaxials and was quickly bored.

Purchased Xieda 9958 and Hero H995basic 4Channel Heli's, crashed a few times, repaired and got bored again.

Purchased Walkera 4F200LM and Genius CP V2 with Devo8S transmitter.

Flying Genius CP first so I don't trash the 4F200LM and found the transmitter setup a little overwhelming.

Configured transmitter per instructions but way to sensitive and crashed many time and very hard. Had to replace canopy and frame from several nose dive collisions. Good exercise for learning about heli's but would prefer having some help setting up transmitter.

Considering this my training Heli. Purchased a Super FP 4CH with 4CH Transmitter and found it too was too sensitive also.

Decided I need help and am looking for local heli club for assistance.

My name is Frederick and I have a helicopter addiction.
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04-07-2013 12:37 AM  6 years ago


Clark Lake, Michigan USA

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Hello welcome
Go get a good simulator. If you can find a local club that would be great also. Attend any heli flying events near you. Theres also a wealth of info on this site. Good luck
Learning to fly again.
04-07-2013 01:26 AM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Western Wa

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Hello Fredrick and welcome to RR as well as addiction overall. I'm on the other side of water and know of a couple good clubs over here. Cascade Model helicopter club in Snohomish is where I fly and its excellent.

You can search the AMA site for clubs closer to you.

There are two that might be worth looking into.

dc8capt is correct. To progress a simulator will help a lot. I use PhoenixRC with my own transmitter. But I've also heard great things about the latest version of Real Flight which comes with its on transmitter.

I'm not familiar with the models or transmitter you mentioned. When first starting out its helpful to be able to tune things down a little as well as add a little EXPO (exponential stick response), which softens the middle portion of the stick through. I'm not sure if your radio has that feature. But worth checking to see if it does.

Feel free to PM me or ask additional questions in this thread. Also I would highly recommend visiting one of the upcoming fun flys. Everyone there is willing to help out, show what they have brought and answer any questions. Plus you get to see some of the most amazing pilots in the US. Two that I know of (there may be others).

There is also one in Othello, but I haven't see the dates yet.
04-07-2013 06:59 PM  6 years ago


Centralia, WA USA

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Welcome frederickg!!
I too live in WA, and I am retread to the hobby after 10 years away from it. If you're a Rotorhead like me, you've found the right site. Lots of knowledge and wisdom here. I am south of Olympia where I am blessed to have two clubs to fly. Hot Start Helis is a club that my Mentor flies at, and Lewis County RCers in Toledo south of me. Two pieces of advise given to me that I pass on is to find a Mentor to help you and get a simulator if you don't already have one. There are alot of people more than willing to help someone get started the right way. Flying helis is not the easiest thing to do, but in the log run its lots of fun and a very rewarding personal journey. Take it slow and easy and welcome to the addiction
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04-08-2013 11:59 PM  6 years ago



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Try the blade cx2. I learned to fly on it in a couple weeks. I think it's a great teacher!! READ the MANUAL!! i need rehelihab so dont worry, your addiction hasnt cost you what it will yet!!

I have 11 operating helis!! mcpx up to rap50
I wish I still flew!!!
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