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04-05-2013 10:05 PM  6 years ago
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Willow Spring, N. Carolina USA

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HC3-SX ?
With the HC3-SX with the rescue mode, if the heli loses its tail and goes into a high rate of speed pirouette is the HC3-SX self leveling still able to keep the bird level to be able to hit TH and bring it in?
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04-06-2013 12:17 AM  6 years ago

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Using the self level option (not rescue with collective pitch)it will help keep the heli level in any piro up to ~ it's limit ~650 deg/sec. So probably a good idea to hit TH before the tail becomes a blur.

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04-06-2013 12:30 AM  6 years ago

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Yes, if you activate the horizon mode and not the rescue mode, that way the heli will level and you will still have control over the collective so you can bring it down, if you hit rescue mode it will level and shoot upwards untill you hit TH then it will still be giving the collective pos pitch and keep going up untill the rotor slows down enough to let the heli start to go down at which point it will pretty much fall to the ground (not good) BUT if you only activate the horizon mode and hit TH you still have collective control and then pretty much do a autorotation (if your good enough) and bring it down with little or no damage !

i've had that happen to me once but messed up the auto a little and smacked a little hard on the skids and it tipped over before the rotor stopped spinning and ended up scraping up the blade tips some BUT other than that it was it one piece, all in all i was very happy with that out come......
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