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04-07-2013 10:46 PM  6 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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As far as the AMA's presence I just do not see it where I live.
Andy -- your info says you're in Worcester, MA.

I went to the AMA website, clicked the "find a club" link, and entered one of Worcester's Zip Codes...01601.

I got 13 AMA charter clubs within 25 miles of that Zip Code returned to me.

Maybe you don't see the presence because you either haven't looked, or didn't know where to start.


As for the problems you've had with the equipment you've bought. That has nothing to do with the AMA, it has all to do with the vendors who sell the stuff and frankly, your inexperience. You are slowly taking care of the latter.

What is really complicating your ability to enjoy the hobby is that you are trying to go it alone, without seeking experienced local help. To make it even more difficult, you've chosen to go FBL right out of the chute. That is a tall order and you have made great strides in the process.

Believe me, when I started this crazy heli thing many years ago in Montana as a kid, there WERE no experienced heli flyers in the state, and all help was available either by telephone or snail mail. This was pre-internet, pre-on-line forum, pre-youtube, and to buy stuff, I had to drive 300 miles round-trip to the nearest hobby shop, or use the USPS to order stuff, and wait for it to arrive. I survived, and eventually moved to Kansas City and found a well-stocked heli hobby shop close by, but more importantly -- people who could fly and set up helis. I learned a lot in those three years, and ended up teaching others. It's an uphill battle going it alone, but can be done.

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Team Heliproz
04-08-2013 12:29 AM  6 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Weirton, W. Va.

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donetrex 700fbl cal30,minititan,, trx600fbl,trex250,logo 500,Velocity N2
04-08-2013 02:14 PM  6 years ago

rrKey Veteran

worcester, MA USA

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You have talked me into joining. I just signed up online. After all it is only 43.50 and if it helps the 'cause' I am in .

It's funny because I created a post about a week ago looking for a local club and I think I did locate one that is not too far from me. The closest LHS to me is all about making a dollar and they are not your traditional or old school hobby shop where people hang out and talk shop. I did search on the AMA site for a local club(zip code 01604) and people are using the AMA's website to promote their personal web sites not club information. I have no idea what Star Fleet Audio is but I know it's not a club . It's the first website that is returned when I do search that zip code. I have contacted their IT team and maybe they can fix that issue. My intent is not to bash any organization that is helpful and even if I do not see their presence now maybe I will in the future.

Thx again,
04-08-2013 03:27 PM  6 years ago


Raleigh, NC

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Done thanks for posting the link. and Thanks for your efforts to keep our hobby out of the government hands.
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