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07-04-2007 02:38 PM  11 years agoPost 181


wuhan hubei PR China

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i have downloaded the file.
It's very helpful!!!

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07-04-2007 10:56 PM  11 years agoPost 182
Four Stroker

rrElite Veteran


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Did those weatronic guys use your stuff or crack it for themselves ?

07-05-2007 05:15 PM  11 years agoPost 183

rrElite Veteran


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Don't know but I guess it's safe to assume that they found my report and used it.

09-16-2008 07:41 PM  10 years agoPost 184



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Saw this on Yahoo news today
Not sure if this was the same person who posted and built it;_ylt=ApsGWMi5v_tgXTNHQQeN7f.s0NUE

STANFORD, California (Reuters) - A four-foot-long helicopter flew itself over the Stanford University campus on Monday in a test of artificial intelligence that researchers say could be used to scout wildfires or on military missions.

The autonomous helicopter performed flips, rolls, pirouettes, stall-turns, knife-edges, and an inverted hover over a field.

The helicopter is equipped with an artificial intelligence system developed by computer scientists at Stanford and taught itself to fly by watching the aerobatics of a radio-controlled helicopter flown by a human.

"These helicopters can fly maneuvers at the edge of what a helicopter is capable of," said Adam Coates, a PhD student who worked on the project.

The helicopters, which communicate with a ground-based computer that guides it, are still being developed.

PhD student Pieter Abbeel said the research group has been contacted by a number of companies interested in surveillance and mapping applications, while scientists saw the mini-helicopters investigating wildfires and looking for land mines.

Each helicopter costs approximately $4,000 and is outfitted with an accelerometer, gyroscope and a magnetometer to determine its orientation and acceleration, and a GPS or two ground-based cameras to determine its location.

(Reporting by Clare Baldwin, editing by Peter Henderson)

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09-16-2008 08:38 PM  10 years agoPost 185


42½ N, 83½ W

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When they put all that electronics on board, then I'll be interested.

12-31-2008 08:04 PM  9 years agoPost 186


Buda Hungary

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Reverse engineering PCM2048
Does anyone know how does the PCM2048 protocol work?
I know that the channels are coded with 11bits instead of 10bits (PCM1024), but does it have any frame structure improvements?
Thanks! HNY!

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