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are there any good topics (correct) on here wether be recent or old that fully explains "electric helis for dummies" setup do's and donts?

im literally just getting my first electric helis and know nothing about it. this is my first step of research to learn all of this stuff and how it works. i know theres alot to it so any "lamens" term info would be greatly appreciated. im getting 500 size helis and would like to know the correct way to put them together so im not screwing anything up. ones already gonna be built and rtf but i still need to know whats going on. can anyone help?

i know how to build airframes and set up swash and pitch and all that stuff. what i need to know is purely electrical....bec...esc...motor...etc...etc. it solely just the specifics about the components that go well together and why. what ___ esc with these specs...what do those numbers mean? what do the numbers on the bec mean....numbers on the motors...etc...etc.

i,ll be flying flybarless and flybar. im using ikon flybarless controller on all flybarless helis.

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Here is some info on batteries:

Some info on electric motor KV:

This thread might not be referring to helis, or models of your size, but the info might or might not be useful :

I'm not sure if any of these are in "laymen's" terms, or are exactly what you're looking for, but all the guys here can always define or better explain specific things for you that you don't understand!

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Nazareth, PA

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There is also a good smack talk video on electrics to start. Once you get your helis post the specific questions and someone will have the answer. Feel free to drop me a PM too,

I have a 3D heli, I don't understand why it doesn't do 3D.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › any good topics on electric heli setup?
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