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johnnie eagle


Florham Park, NJ 07932

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Visited the WRAM show today. Does anyone out there have any experience with the duplex radio. It looks real nice and user friendly with awesome features and telemetry. Just looking for feedback.

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Santiago P


South West, Ohio

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Been reading on it too. Looks very nice. I hope to see them in the flesh at the Toledo Show this April.


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rrElite Veteran

Dumont, NJ-USA

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I have the DC-16, I am incorporating it into my current build of a Banshee. Plan on using pack voltage a mah consumption telemetry as well as rotor head speed.

The build quality and functionality of this radio is top notch.

If all goes well I will be changing 3 of my other Heli's over to the jeti.

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02-23-2013 06:26 PM  5 years agoPost 4



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Been flying with my DC16 for over 2 months now.

Fantastic build quality, extremely versatile programming (you barely scratch the surface of it with a heli), telemetry is great and programmable voice alerts for any alarm or telemetry parameter leave no doubt as to what the TX is trying to alert you of. Gimbals are the best I've ever felt and are adjustable for tension, height, and rotation. All switches are movable and fully reassignable with no switch functions "fixed" in the programming, stick end switches/buttons/knobs are optional; I have a 3 position switch on the left stick for flight mode and a pushbutton on the right stick for bailout on my HC3SX.

I have an R9 and MU3 sensor on my Bergen turbine and an R9 and Mezon 130 ESC on my Goblin. Both are using HC3SX via PPM-out mode on the R9 receivers. I previously had my Goblin setup with a YGE 160HV and a MUI 200 current sensor but I switched to the Mezon to save a bunch of wiring and some weight and soon found the Mezon was much easier to program (with more programming versatility) and I actually find the performance of the Mezon internal governor better than the YGE.

Being able to end your flight based off mah consumed from the pack is the way things should be! With the Mezon you can also get real time and logged telemetry of RPM, temperature, PWM %, main pack voltage & amperage, BEC voltage & amperage, and the ESC logs min and max values which you can pull up directly on the TX after a flight. You can also program any parameter on the Mezon ESC directly through the Jetibox in the TX wirelessly. I have the TX speak out the mah consumed every 30 seconds with a constantly announced MAH alarm at 70% pack capacity. I also have an alarm set 10C under the thermal cutoff point of the ESC. Setting the headspeed is a piece of cake, you just tweak your throttle curve and watch the RPM telemetry right on the TX. It's too easy!

If you don't have a Mezon ESC you can also get the voltage, amperage, and MAH consumed by using the appropriate MUI sensor with your current ESC.

Back to the TX and the receivers, I haven't encountered any software, hardware, or range issues to date-- everything has been 100% reliable. I never used telemetry before having the Jeti and now I don't think I could go back especially with being able to monitor pack consumption on my Goblin-- far more effective than a timer. I still have a timer set "just in case" but I fly until the mah alarm goes off on the TX. Hearing an actual voice call out your telemetry & alarm parameters is so much better than a "beep" as you never have to look down at the TX to know what's going on. That's another nice thing about the Jeti-- the screen is right at the top and totally unobstructed to glance down at.

A new TX firmware update coming in another week or so is going to add telemetry graphing capability right on the TX. While it won't replace viewing the telemetry logs on a PC using the Jeti FlightMonitor software for finer details the TX graphing should be great for quick reviewing of the data right after a flight to see peaks & trends.

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