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02-22-2013 04:52 PM  5 years agoPost 1


Jonesboro, GA USA

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picked up a 8s / 500 w/ Jazz 55-10-32 that I know nothing about as I'm a CC type. Can't seem to Google up much info on how to set up, even on their site. I know w/cc you use a link & software to set up quick and easy (I have over a dozen) but lost on this one. Any help would me much appreciate even to the point of just a referral to a site. If I have no luck in a week or so, assembly time, I post it for sale with it's Medusa BEC.

Thanks, Al

02-22-2013 05:18 PM  5 years agoPost 2


Baltimore, Maryland

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why not pm/email Kontronik support
or just ask Laughingstill!!

Hood HeLi : RIP Roman

02-22-2013 05:28 PM  5 years agoPost 3
Ronald Thomas


Gainesville, Fl, USA

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Very ya go:
(1) With the throttle stick in the LOW position and correct model selected, turn on the tx.
(2) Verify that your throttle curve is linear (0-25-50-75-100)
(3) Make sure the motor wires are connected to the ESC and the motor is backed away from the main gear and secured into place so that it cannot move.
(4) Make sure the ESC programming jumper is on ANY TWO of the three ESC's programming pins and then connect the main power to the ESC.
(5) You will hear (3) confirmation tones in ASCENDING order.
(6) Within 1-2 seconds, remove the programming jumper
(7) You will hear (3) DESCENDING tones
(8) After a second, you will hear a SINGLE beep, IMMEDIATELY move the throttle stick to the top position.
(9) You will hear (3) DESCENDING tones to confirm the ESC just learned the throttle range of the tx.
(10) Disconnect the power to the ESC
(11) Move the throttle stick to the low position again and repeat steps 4-7
(12) After a few seconds, you will hear a single beep, then two beeps, then three beeps, then FOUR beeps.
(13) When you hear the FOURTH beep, move the throttle stick to the top position (you just programmed Soft Start/Governor Mode)
(14) Disconnect main power to the ESC
(15) Now verify by putting the throttle stick to low position, connection main power to the ESC, and move the throttle stick up. You should get a nice slow spool up which means it is in soft start and gov mode it turned on.....Good luck!!!!

Team MikadoUSA 480XXTreme, 550SX, 600SX, 700XXTreme, 800XXTreme!!

02-22-2013 05:57 PM  5 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Edmond, Oklahoma

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Exactly ^^^

Your governed speed is what your throttle curve is, which you can always change in your transmitter- no link or plugging into a computer needed.

If you want to know what range to target for initial throttle curve set up, see the Head Speed calc here and expand the gov window, selecting Jive Mode 4.

Mikado USA, Kontronik, Opti-Power, MKS Servos

02-22-2013 07:06 PM  5 years agoPost 5
Justin Stuart (RIP)


Plano, Texas

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Please read here:

Avant RC
Scorpion Power Systems
Thunder Power RC
Kontronik Drives

02-22-2013 08:19 PM  5 years agoPost 6
Stephen Born

rrElite Veteran


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You can lower your throttle curve much lower with a Kontronik than any other ESC.

A nice feature of utilizing a Kontronik for governored HS.

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02-22-2013 09:58 PM  5 years agoPost 7


Clearwater, FL

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And this is why RunRyder is the best RC Heli Forum on the planet.

How bout that for help. Very nice work.

02-22-2013 10:14 PM  5 years agoPost 8
Stuart Girdler


Ipswich England

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As said for setting your headspeed the kontronik now knows your top and bottom stick. So set a flat line say 60,60,60,60,60 in idle 2. Just leave normal as linear 0,25,50,75,100. Start up get into a good stable hover and flick into idle 1.

Get someone else to tach your headspeed. You can increase the speed by lifting or lowering the 60,60,60,60,60 line.


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02-23-2013 01:10 AM  5 years agoPost 9


Northern California, Palo Cedro

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throttle curve was 75% in normal, 80% in ID1 and 100% in ID2.


My heli is right side up -- the world is upside down

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