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North American continent

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I have setup my Predator with a new gy611 and 9256. I swapped out my gy401 and 9254. The difference is night and day to what I had with my 401. On climb outs the tail holds solidly and no longer swings out on quick collective inputs.

I have my gov setup for 1800 and 1900. At 1800 there is a slow drift to the left and at 1900 it is solid with no drift. What would cause the drift at the lower rpm and not at the higher? I have gain at both rpms set to 35%. Turning the gain to 40% at 1800 rpm had little to no effect on the slow drift.

Is it not recommended to set the gain on the gy611 higher then 37%?


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It's vibe at that rpm that's giving you trouble. I changed my double sided tape and problem solved. Some have rotated the sensor but that changed nothing for me. Hope this helped.


blow smoke

02-03-2013 12:11 AM  5 years agoPost 3


Franklin, MA - USA

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Not trying to say nothin' but...
How long did it take ya to finally switch out that 401 as I've been telling you...??? Wish you would have listened to me sooner and all those 9254 servos you had trouble with, just extended the torture more by waiting now happy to hear you have a good flying model finally!

Bono is right vibrations can cause some drift. Try a different mounting tape on the sensor, try the metal plate between the sensor and the frame with double sided tape above and below the metal plate, or try a new location for the sensor.

The gain, as seen on the gy611 screen, can be anywhere from 35% up to in the 50's percentage in my experience. Depends on your machine and its tail drive system, etc. You can turn it up more and see how it behaves, you'll know if its too high the tail will look like its on a rubber band. For what its worth I don't think I ever ran it as high as the 60's or more, trying to remember now I think I had settled to 46% at some point.



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02-04-2013 05:51 PM  5 years agoPost 4


North American continent

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Yeah, I know Raja. I was hoping not to have to spend the money. But now that I finally did I wish I had done it 8 mos ago.

Yesterday I removed the squishy Futaba foam tape with the metal plate sandwiched in between and mounted the gyro with two layers of white 3M double sided and I have no more drift. It holds great in a hover now.

I wish I knew why the 401 wasn't doing it's job. Do the sensors ever fail? I had tried a couple of 9254s and both worked just 'ok'. I tried a high torque, high speed hi-tec servo and it stripped out twice on me with in 3 flights both times.

Hopefully the gy611 and 9256 will work for a while. Nice to be able to fly the Predator again.

02-21-2013 05:31 PM  5 years agoPost 5


Piedmont.Al. USA

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Predators rock!!!

Jeffrey:) (Love and Peace to all)

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