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Texas, Houston area

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Kurt Nimmo
February 1, 2013

KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reports that the Department of Homeland Security – the federal agency initially established to protect the United States from terrorists and respond to natural disasters – has used its ICE division to bust a gun collector.

Federal Homeland Security Investigation agents raided the home of Robert Adams on Thursday and seized 548 handguns and 317 rifles from the collector. They also raided his business and took an additional 599 handguns.

KRQE reports that Adams did not violate any laws and was not charged with any crimes. It said the DHS, however, is not finished with Adams and he may be charged with gun smuggling, tax evasion and violating importation laws.

The government spent yeas surveilling the gun collector and argues that his weapons are “not properly marked possibly to make the guns more valuable and to avoid paying high import taxes.”

KRQE reports the federal government is concerned “that no markings on the guns and missing documents mean the guns are not traceable by law enforcement.”

New Mexico does not regulate or specifically restrict the possession of firearms. Owners are not required to register or license firearms with the state.

“No law shall abridge the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms for security and defense, for lawful hunting and recreational use and for other lawful purposes, but nothing herein shall be held to permit the carrying of concealed weapons. No municipality or county shall regulate, in any way, an incident of the right to keep and bear arms,” Article 2, Section 6 of the state constitution reads.

Gun collectors are protected under the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986. The law states that a firearms dealer is defined as a person who is selling guns for profit or livelihood. Unlicensed individuals are allowed to sell firearms from their private collection without performing a background check on the buyer.

Government gun-grabbers call this the “Gun Show Loophole” and have declared they will outlaw the practice and close down gun shows around the country.

The DHS is obviously looking to make an example of Mr. Adams as the government prepares to enact and enforce a wide range of new laws aimed at diminishing the Second Amendment. It remains to be seen, however, if the federal government will use this case as part of its ongoing propaganda effort to demonize legal gun ownership.

Related: Decorated Combat Veteran Arrested: Charged With 5 Felonies For Possession of AR Magazines handle backwards is how I feel about current world affairs...

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nitro fun


Oc ca

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DHS is Used for the arm of the irs? Atf? Obama? WTF!!!

Obama hitler jr.

Im shure obama would love to jail all his political opponents.

Put a man in jail for collecting guns.

But here in california let all the gang members, drug dealers, illegals, have guns and run arround here like it is nothing!

Obama dosnt stop the invasion of drugs, guns, and illegals at the border!!!!!

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Obama dosnt stop the invasion of drugs, guns, and illegals at the border!!!!!
With failure of prohibition from the street level to the politicians in the highest office; this is BIG business.

It also helps when you control to a certain extent both sides of the coin...just saying.

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rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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Welcome to the Muslim Brother Hood - Game Over at the Twin Towers of International Economic Exchange and Banking


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rrKey Veteran

S. Orange County, California

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Another story on the case:

From that piece:
An affidavit alleges Adams smuggled hundreds of handguns, rifles and accessories into the country from Canada to evade taxes.

Read more:
So it seems that he is not this innocent honest peace loving citizen, but rather a tax evading gun smuggler.

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Go FASST, or Go Home!!
Team Futaba

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So........your going to go to a country with much stricter gun laws than the US, purchase a bunch of them and then ship them internationally across the border. This is not Eric Holder we are talking about.
This is a plant story by the feds to try and justify the gun grab.

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