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01-30-2013 12:15 PM  5 years agoPost 1


Atlanta, Ga.

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I am almost finished building my first Whiplash with a YS120 Nitro engine. The kit is outstanding.
Can you please tell me what is the best fuel to use with the YS120?
Also, is anyone else having good luck with that engine?
Do you recommend changing out the landing gear?
Thanks, any suggestions will be helpful.

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01-30-2013 05:49 PM  5 years agoPost 2


Proctor, Arkansas

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I use Morgans' YS20% and it runs great, Just take your time with Break-In. If you sometimes have hard landings, then change out the landing gear. This is til you get use to the heli and how is fly.

Go to and do a search for YS120 eng. break-in by Tim Jones. Get back with me if you have any questions.


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01-31-2013 05:24 AM  5 years agoPost 3



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I use RR 15% with an enya 8 and have had great results.

It takes a little bit of work to get the 120 dialed in. But once its tuned you will be glad to have dropped that motor in. Many Whiplash owners I know have tried different setups with the 120 and every one of them had success with it.

A very basic setup would be to add a header tank and use fuel magnets in both the main and header. Works well. Others are using a bladder setup without a header and are having excellent results with it. I had tuning issues when I was using just the main tank with no header. I believe it is because the 120 demands a higher flow of fuel. Also, look for articles that will give you insight to which governor you will want to go with if you haven't decided yet.

For landing gear, some have converted to the low profile gears. They seem to give a better chance of saving your frames in a crash. I have the stock landing gears on mine and have never had an issues with them.

Good luck with your Whiplash Nitro. You're gonna love it!

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02-01-2013 01:17 PM  5 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

West Chester, PA

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+1 for Morgans' Cool Power YS20%

Steven B.

02-02-2013 10:58 PM  5 years agoPost 5
Sewer Sleuth



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Is Morgan's also know as Cool Power?

It is over the pond over here I think. Are we heading for a name change in the UK?

02-03-2013 06:33 PM  5 years agoPost 6


Cedar Bluff, Va.

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Coolpower is one of the fuels that Morgans produces. They also produce Omega and Sidewinder fuels.

Allen Dye

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