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01-06-2013 08:31 PM  7 years ago
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Will B


Bicester, Near Oxford, UK.

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Issue with YGE 120 & VBAR 5.3 throttle Goblin 700

Some of you were able to help me on the SAB Goblin section with the CCPM setup on the BAR 5.3 on my Goblin 700 for which I was eternally grateful! However I have now come across a new stumbling block!! My ESC wont power up. Its a YGE 120 HV.

In the VStabi control panel my throttle wont work and nor will my YGE 120 HV turn on.... using a Futaba Reciever R6008HS.

Having racked my brains for hours and hours its now time to throw it out there to you guys!

First of all in the V bar software the CCPM works fine, however if I move the collective stick the blue bar which indicates throttle position is stuck at 50%?? Why I dont know!

I am using a Gryphon BEC and here are my channel assignments in my 14MZ.
1 Ail

So I'm connecting the two power outputs of the Gryphon to the B port and the CH7 port on the Receiver and like I said the CCPM works fine.

Now heres my train of thinking as to what may be wrong....

1)In the Gryphon manual it says I must remove the RED cable from the ESC when plugged into the RX.... Is this strictly true?? Perhaps this is why the ESC wont power up

2)In the YGE manual it says Ive got to make up some funy wirin loom for a "VBAR Adapter".... but sureley the ESC should work without this as this special wiring loom is to enable the VBAR governor function right?

3)Is my channel assignment wrong in the TX?

4)Is the Y lead I have made up that connects the two 5000 mah packs to the ESC wired up right.....have I screwed up here and thats why its not powering up the ESC?? Ive spliced in the gryphon wires to the EC5 connector where it joins the YGE ESC wires.....gryphon is working fine and powering up the servos and VBAR??!!! See Picture

5)Is it because the VBAR software is not recognising the throttle channel and its stuck at 50% and the ESC is not powering up because it recognises that the throttle is at 50% and not powering up?? If so how do I get the VBAR program to reconise the throttle. I checked the throttle curve and its going from 0-100 on the curve absoluteley fine!!

6)Perhaps Im plugging the wrong connectors into the wrong slots on the VBAR or RX?? Where should the twisted wire lead (that is effectively the "throttle servo" lead for want of a better word) plug into?? Does it go into the Futaba receiver directly or does it go into somewhere on the VBAR unit (the only other place I can think is the SERVO slot above the sensor 2 slot on the RHS of the VBAR unit)? I already have the PITCH from CH3 goin into the COLL/ESC slot on the VBAR.... or do you use like a Y lead on this VBAR port to accomodate both pitch and throttle functions??

7) The only other option is that I have a defective YGE 120.... but how can I prove or test this??!!

8) Something is wrongly setup in the VBAR relating to the throttle and the way the software is reading my throttle stick movement, and thats why its showing the throttle stuck at 50% regardless of my throttle stick position

HELP! I'm so lost here!!
Cheers, Will.
01-06-2013 09:30 PM  7 years ago
Ronald Thomas


Gainesville, Fl, USA

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