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Mtarfa, Malta - Europe

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I would like to hear some of your thoughts and experiences with Optifuel. I am currently using 20SLV. I had been using Byron fuels Rotorage 10% nitro before and decided to switch over to Opti. But recently I stripped down my OS 55HZ engine and noticed corrosion inside after just 15 flights (I had stripped it down before and cleaned and changed bearings). Could it be because of the lower oil content in Optifuel?

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West London, United Kingdom

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I've been using the 30ULV and before that the 30SLV.

Roughly once a season I change the bearings on my various engines and since using the fuel I have noticed that the internals are always very clean and so far I've not noticed any corrosion. So not issues to report there.

I'm not sure if this helps, but after my last flight I always try and burn out any fuel left lingering in the engine. Then whilst the motor is still hot I rotate the fan/crank clockwise such that the engine just goes into compression. This seals the carburetter and exhaust port and traps the hot moisture free gas, hopefully preventing any corrosion. This seems to work for me...

The ULV gives you a bit more power over the SLV, but both variants are excellent. I also like the fact you get 5 litres, something you really notice when you carry out a full bottle out to the flight line!

I like the fuel, it's also very easy to get in the UK. It's probably my favourite fuel so far.

Hope this helps.

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rrKey Veteran

N Ireland

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If you have that problem you stated i think you should be using some kind of after run oil,i used a case of Optifuel a while back,it seemed to run fine,now switched over to Rapicon.

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