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deridder louisiana

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hi guys i have up for grabs today a traxxas jato 3.3 and a tonnage of new in packs Traxxas Jato 3.3 Parts, over $850 worth of stuff at less than half the price, and with free shipping, everything listed and in the pics for the first $400 shipped free for all. thanks

its all about 4 months old, less than a gallon through the engine
the latest and greatest model #5507

TRA5507 Traxxas Jato 3.3 2WD Truck RTR w/TQi 2.4GHz $400.00
everything that originaly comes with it in the original box PLUS
TRA3232X Traxxas Super Duty Long Glow Plug $5.15
DYN2027 Dynamite Big Daddy Aluminum Fuel Filter $4.99
RPM80322 RPM Traxxas Jato Wide Front Bumper Black $9.99
RPM80722 RPM Front Suspension A-Arms (Black) Jato $7.99
RPM80752 RPM Rear Suspension A-Arms (Black) Jato $7.99
TRA5542X Traxxas Aluminum Drag Link set Jato $11.99
TRA5523G Traxxas Exo-Carbon Mid Battery Cover jato $3.79
TRA5547G Traxxas Exo-Carbon Fuel Tank Cap Jato $3.19
TRA5527G Traxxas Exo-Carbon L&R Dirt Guards Jato $12.49
TRA5515G Traxxas Exo-Carbon Rear Battery Cover Jato $5.19
TRA5524G Traxxas Exo-Carbon Receiver Cover Jato $3.49
TRA5551X Traxxas Jato 3.3 Steel Driveshaft Kit $32.99
Pro-Line Bow-Tie 2.8" (30 Series) Off-Road Truck Tires Front on traxxas all star rims. $27.95
Pro-Line Bow-Tie 2.8" (30 Series) Off-Road Truck
Tires Rear on traxxas all star rims worn down tread.$27.95
DTXC2045 two Duratrax 7.2v 2500mah nimh batteries $32.00
INTT7915 Integy Graphite Brake Disk Set Jato $11.99
TRA5263 1.75 oz bottle of Traxxas Air Filter Oil $3.49
TRA1666 Traxxas Silicone Shock Damper Oil 30 Weight $1.79
Hot Racing dual disc brake mod set installed $37.88
Complete set of turnbuckle rods and ball ends
Extra fuel line
Extra air filter set
and all the stock original parts

TRA5544 Bellcrank Posts jato (2) $3.49
TRA5521 Front & Rear Suspension Pin Set jato $5.99
TRA5516 Roll Hoop/E-Z Start Plug Mount jato $4.99
TRA5247 Carburetor O-Ring and Seal Kit TRX $3.19
TRA5276 EZ-Start 2 Complete Gear Set Complete $6.69
TRA4581 Glow Plug Lead Wire (Blue) EZ 1, EZ 2 $1.89
TRA4583 Jato 2.5 & 3.3 E-Z Start Wiring Harness $3.99
TRA5578 Traxxas Anaconda 2.8" Tires w/Foam $14.99
TRA5576R Jato Rear Anaconda All Star Wheel used (2) $21.99
TRA5582 Diff Gear Set Jato $7.99
TRA5579 Differential Gears Jato $6.99
TRA5581 Gaskets, Differential/Transmission Jato $1.45
TRA5514 Jato Front Body Mount $2.89
TRA5534 Rear Spacers, Stub Axle Carrier Jato $2.29
TRA5543 Steering Bellcranks Jato $4.49
TRA5119 Ball Bearings, 10x15x4mm (2) $4.49
TRA4146X Clutch Shoes/Springs (higher stall) $5.79
TRA5228 Cooling Head Protector TRX 3.3 Engines $2.49
TRA3147X Fuel Line (2 ft) $2.79
TRA5549 Fuel Tank Rebuild Kit Jato $2.79
TRA5593 Jato Primary Shaft and One-Way Bearing $15.49
TRA5136X Differential Oil Kit 10K, 30K, 50K opened $13.99
TRA5245X Tuned Pipe Coupler & Exhaust Deflector $2.99
TRA1666 Silicone Shock Damper Oil x2 (30 Weight) $3.58
TRA3232X Super Duty Long Glow Plug $4.15
TRA4976 Wheelie Bar Wheels & Axles $2.79
TRA5546 Tuned Pipe Hanger Jato $1.79
TRA5536 25 Degree Caster & Steering Blocks L & R Jato $3.99
TRA5556 Aluminum Slipper Pressure Plate & Hub Jato $5.99
TRA5530 Front Bulkheads, Upper & Lower Jato $6.99
TRA5518 Front Shock Tower Jato $3.99
TRA5149 Front Wheel Aluminum Spacers (4) Jato $2.29
TRA5562 GTR Shock Rebuild Kit Jato $3.99
TRA5555 Jato L&R Rear Stub Axle Carriers $3.19
TRA5517 Jato Rear Shock Tower $3.79
TRA3956 54T Spur Gear Jato $2.79
TRA4611 Ball Bearings 5x11x4mm $9.98
TRA5552X Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit Jato $7.89
TRA1654 Stub Axle Pin & Collar: B,S,H,E, Jato $1.79
TRA5464 shock boots (2x2) $4.98
TRA5559 mounts suspension pin blocks $2.99
TRA2055 traxxas 2055 high torque servo new $18.29
TRA5261 Air filter insert foam $2.00
Traxxas GTR complete shock set new (4) 1 used $30.00
Yeah Racing complete Bearing Set (19pcs) For Jato $14.00
RC Screwz Traxxas Jato Stainless Steel Screw Set $23.99
and some decals for $free

always remember these words what goes up will always come down

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