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01-02-2013 08:52 PM  7 years ago
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How-To: Flipping Circle
Here's a nifty maneuvar that I worked in my last routine. It's flying in a circuit while tumbling end over end. This maneuvar can be done in many ways, cw, ccw, forwards, backwards, flipping forward or back. For my routine I chose a clockwise forwards circuit with backflips so I'll explain that here.

You should be comfortable with inverted ff and or bf. Just make sure you are comfortable with inverted in the circuit direction you will be flying.

Starting out
As with most circuit type of maneuvars, a flipping circle is basically a couple of transitions repeated over and over until a circuit is completed. For this lesson I will be explaining a circuit with backflips so you need to get yourself familiar with ff while backflipping.

1. Start with some ff left to right passes. (Make sure to practice both left and right passes)
2. As you approach the center of your pass start to pull back, and at the same time start to mix in some negative pitch.
3. When starting you will end up pulling up into the sky a lot, but as you learn the timing you will learn to keep the heli on a level plane without gaining or losing too much altitude. When timed right you will be nearly full negative when the tail is straight down.
4. Keep pulling back until the heli is now flying inverted tail forward and adjust the negative pitch to maintain altitude and momentum. If you feel you are ready then continue on with the flip. Otherwise reset and repeat this until you get the heli in a controlled inverted tail forward flight.
5. Continue to pull back this time adding in positive pitch. By the time the heli is nose down you should be nearly full positive pitch.
6. As you continue to pull let off the positive until you are back to upright nose forward flight.

Practice this until you have the feeling of the collective right and the heli can maintain a constant forward speed without changing too much altitude. Again make sure to practice both left and right passes.

Flipping circuit
Once you get the moving backflip down (a very nice maneuvar all on it's own) you can start integrating them in a circuit.

1. Start with a clockwise circuit upright and nose forward.
2. At 9:00 o'clock (if you are standing at 6:00 o'clock and furthest away is 12:00 o'clock) do a backflip transition to inverted tailforward flight and continue your circuit.
3. Come around to 9:00 o'clock again and transition back to nose forward upright flight.
4. Keep repeating this transition at 9:00 o'clock until you are comfortable with the transition and maintaining the direction of the circuit. Most of the controls will be reversed from one transition to the next (all but elevator) so keep practicing.
5. Now work on other points of the circuit. Do transitions at 12:00, 3:00, and 6:00 o'clock. Do them all separately at first. Once you get used to all the orientations start trying continuous flips all the way around.


That's about it. I've always been a fan of circuit maneuvars, so I hope you enjoy performing this as much as I do.

Good luck, and keep practicing!
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 1 page 2413 views POST REPLY
Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterFlight School › How-To: Flipping Circle
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