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12-08-2012 10:44 PM  7 years ago
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johnnie eagle


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E8 questions
Maidenhead my vibe e8 today. A couple of quick questions. I am running 10s. The batteries I happen to have are 4500 65c packs. The ship is very nose heavy. Should I try to balance it out with a separate flight pack or loose the weight with lower Mah batteries ? It also oscillates at 1700 rpm but at 1950 it goes away. Is it typical on this head and ship. I have been flying JR for quite some time but shelved this ship a year ago and just converted to electric on it so I am unfamiliar with this setup on this ship. Using IKON controller . 1st time for that one also. I am a die hard VBAR user.
What head speed does this ship like in hover nd upstairs?

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12-15-2012 01:47 PM  7 years ago

rrKey Veteran

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Machines usually oscillate when the rpm is below a certain range or the gyro gain is too high. But u said it goes away when you spin faster. I say that to say the dampers are probably too hard to run @ that low head speed for hovering. U will have to find and go with a softer damper for that. For now though, lower the speed from 1950 by about 50 rpm @ a time until it starts to oscillate again and that will be your minimum headspeed. As far as it being nose heavy u may have to try a few of your buddies packs to find one that works for you. There is only but so much shuffling of components you can do.RIP Roman Pirozek Jr.
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