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rrKey Veteran


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The Federal Reserve Act. We will never recover from that mistake. EVER.

There, their and they're. It's really that simple.

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rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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The mistake "they" made was giving up their : Anonymity - Strictly : Non Partisian

They gave up their honor, authority and moral integrity as a independent body of Governing board of Banking Governor's.

They are only partial to blame - but it occurred over a overwhelming influence of the controlling political party.

They Cave'd and should have said NO ! { we ain't got " IT " }

It has been seeded with Liberal Best Buddies and Friend's just like the liberal Supreme Court Justice's. Party affiliation or loyalty should have NO influence over the decision's. They should have kept complete Independence - Un Touchable by influence's.
Took place over a long period of time. Party Policy had influence.

Sad how : Who Done it. It's one of those " HUH" - {What Happened }

You can actually go into the Public Fed Reserve site { Matter of Record } and read the complete minute's of the last meeting.

It's dry and in a string format of record but it is plainly evident - if you can read through it what happened - why it happened, where we are now.

They have a MESS & they know it but kinda grasping at it.

They made it...with lot's of help from friend's and their buddies.

It is the OLDER minutes - Which will some day be the real history.
Not sure if they even mention the role of the Fed Reserve in the world of academia anymore.

It's a worthy read - but dated : It's September's board minute's.

Who Knows : now ??


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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › The great slide.... One Hundered years old this month.
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