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12-06-2012 04:12 PM  5 years agoPost 1
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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Businesses Cutting Hours, Bracing for Costs of Obamacare
It seems that every day now brings another business owner in the news talking about cutting workers’ hours or making other cost-cutting moves in anticipation of Obamacare’s impact in 2013.

Here are just a few of the business owners’ comments on the health care law:

"We've calculated it will [cost] some millions of dollars across our system. So what does that say—that says we won't build more restaurants. We won't hire more people," Zane Tankel, chairman and CEO of Apple-Metro, which runs 40 Applebee's restaurants. >> Tweet this quote

"There's no other way we can survive it, because we think it will cost us 50 cents a sandwich. That's just the actual cost. If you have 40 or 50 employees at a restaurant, and the penalty is $2,000, and you're going to pay $80,000 or $100,000 penalty, there goes the profit in your restaurant."—Jimmy John Liautaud, founder of Jimmy John's subs, who said he was considering cutting workers’ hours to come in under the Obamacare mandate threshold. >> Tweet this quote

“It’s a great concept. We want to have everyone insured. The problem is, who is going to pay for it and how are we going to accomplish this?” — John Metz, who operates roughly 40 Denny’s locations and five Hurricane Grill & Wings franchises in Florida, Virginia, and Georgia, and has said he may have to add an Obamacare surcharge to his menus. >> Tweet this quote

“New unit construction will cease if we have to allocate moneys for that construction to the [Affordable Care Act]. And building new restaurants is how we create jobs.” — Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, which owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.

Heritage’s Alyene Senger explains that these businesses are responding to Obamacare’s employer mandate, which has a job-killing effect:

Obamacare requires all businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to provide health coverage for their workers or pay a $2,000 penalty for each employee after the first 30 workers. The employer mandate creates incentives for businesses to avoid higher costs by, for example, hiring part-time employees instead of full-time employees, since businesses will not be penalized for failing to provide health insurance to part-time employees….Businesses can also avoid penalties by keeping the number of employees under the mandate threshold of 50, which further discourages creating new jobs.

These businesses’ plans are only the effects based on what we know about Obamacare. There are still many, many crucial details that we don’t know. Health and Human Services (HHS) just released some of the new rules that will govern what kind of coverage insurers must offer —and Heritage’s experts are still going through the 300-plus pages of regulations to sort out what they mean.

In the meantime, forget President Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep it” promise. Two government agencies have estimated that more than 11 million people will no longer have their employer-sponsored health coverage once Obamacare is fully implemented. Other studies have put that number much higher.

With employers dumping employees into government-run insurance exchanges or Medicaid (which are still unsettled proposals), the future of health insurance will be taxpayers footing the bill. This is a huge money problem on top of the skyrocketing entitlement programs that already exist. But on a personal note, it’s not the best solution for the under-employed or under-insured.

Take Dave Willingham, a 32-year-old interviewed by Huffington Post after taking a job at a community college cafeteria in Washington State. “When he recently accepted his job after a bout of unemployment, he was told up front that he would not be getting more than 19 hours per week. That's because workers who average 20 hours per week qualify for benefits like health care, vacation and sick pay, he said.”

In his cafeteria job, Willingham earns a little more than minimum wage and receives food stamps. But this isn’t the situation he wants for himself:

"That subsidy is a huge blessing for me," Willingham said. "But at the same time, I'd rather have the agency and dignity that would come with actually having more money coming in and getting to make that decision for myself....Ultimately, it would be nicer to feel more in control of my own life and destiny."

Becoming dependent on the government for health care is not a step toward personal control or an improved life situation for workers like Dave Willingham. But sadly, that is exactly where Obamacare is taking hourly workers.
Read the quote from Willingham. This is our future. 3 years later and still nobody knows "what's in it"....

12-06-2012 05:58 PM  5 years agoPost 2



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fla heli boy
I can say with a fact that Obamacare cost me more money out of my pocket with a recent exam. It was usually free with a $20 co pay fee, now it cost me over $250 out of pocket expense for the same procedure. The reason for the increased of cost was due to Obamacare wording of exams into diagnose, therefore elective.

Stick that in your butt Democrats and Liberals.....dummies like no tomorrow. *steve urkel voice, did da get your license out of a cereal box?*

FACT dummies: Obamacare is costing me more money than ever before!!!!! The sheepish will feel the heat sooner or later, it is only a matter of time.

12-06-2012 06:21 PM  5 years agoPost 3


Omaha, Nebraska

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Good Post FHB.
Read the quote from Willingham. This is our future. 3 years later and still nobody knows "what's in it"....
Nancy Pelosi STILL doesn't KNOW what's in it....!

And I-Dude, what happened to you is going to come upon
all of us - SOON!

The whole thing PCACA, was a gigantic bamascheme to garner
the votes of the illegals and those who really need jobs
of his people group.

He pulled it off.

Now, we're going to witness the BAD DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

12-07-2012 01:10 AM  5 years agoPost 4
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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there's only one solution.....quit giving them your money.

12-07-2012 05:32 AM  5 years agoPost 5
Dennis (RIP)



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Just wait until you see what it costs when its totally "free"

12-07-2012 05:44 AM  5 years agoPost 6

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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This whole thing is bad for EVERYBODY....

I took my kid to go get 3 vaccinations during the summer and a check up before school...

the bill after insurance paid its part...$600...for F@*king vaccines!

I hope all you $hit B@gs that voted for this dumba$$ get sick with uncontrollable continuos explosive diarrhea and have to wait in line at the doctors office for a week...just to be told to go home and shove a TP roll up your crack till it goes away....then get your bill in the mail saying you owe them for the TP roll.

.....ok I feel better....should I send RR a bill for venting? should be legal under the new healthcare law....

showing a preference will only get you into trouble, 90% of everything is crap...

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12-07-2012 09:28 PM  5 years agoPost 7

rrElite Veteran

Lafayette, IN

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The objective of Obamacare is not to improve health care access, nor to decrease rising costs of healthcare. It would, of course, be failing on these two points.

No, the insidious objective of this legislation is to destroy the current system of providers and insurers, and thereby nearly gaurantee that we will have to adopt a one-payer centralized system.

Obamacare is just a stepping stone to something far more intrusive. So I believe our current President and his administration is reading articles like the one linked above, and sitting back with a very self-congradulatory grin. Bad experiences and complaints from the individuals and businesses? Keep them coming! The wave will gather strength. They are not dumb, but rather ingenious and with mal intent. I am sorry to have to say so.

Pray for our president, the federal congressmen and women, and four our nation.

Never, ever, ever, ever give up.

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12-07-2012 10:44 PM  5 years agoPost 8

rrElite Veteran

Flat Land's

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I may have this beat !
I took my kid to go get 3 vaccinations during the summer and a check up before school...

the bill after insurance paid its part...$600..
For a Band Aid !!

I avoid them due to the line's

Hey Doc: Is this what I think it is between the web of my finger's?

Is it Poison Ivy ?? I think it is !

Let the Nurse check Your weight!
Let the Nurse check Your height!

DOC : YUP IT's Posion IVY

Have the Nurse put a band Aid On it!

Nurse: -----

Can you cut this Tefla with the Pakistani's and make it fit?? ? You do this all the time - I can't get the dang thing to fit.

Check out: That will be $363.00 dollar's please.

I felt ALL BETTER I Just walked bit different

I should have gone to the ER and took my Rosseta Stone with some snot hanging out of my nose

It fell off !!!

With Boo Roma care?? Bring your own band aid's

Edit : You got to check in with the IRS man : He guard's the Line


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