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Auckland - New Zealand

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Hi guys,
I am planning my charging station and need some advices/corrections on my thoughts.

Equipments I have are:
Converted PC power supply (rated 12V/15A) x2
iCharger 3010b

So I wonder... to get maximum efficiency out of my PSs + iCharger combo, shall I connect the PSs in series to get 24V/15A(?) or shall I connect them in parallel to get 12V/30A(?). Am I right that with either connection, I get 360W out of the PSs? Any "heads-up" for making the serial/parallel connection? Diodes to prevent back flowing?

Currently, I parallel charge 6S/1P 5000mAh x2 at 1C/5A in ~45mins most of the time but will be nice to parallel charge 6S/1P 5000mAh x4 at 10A(?) in ~60mins since I have just purchsed another pair of identical li-pos.

Thank you in advance for shedding a light.


12-06-2012 05:12 PM  5 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Western Wa

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The main reason to move to a higher input voltage is to reduce the input current. Usually that is to increase total wattage while still remaining below the input current limit of the charger or the charger's connectors and wiring. In your case, there is little performance difference between 12v 30 amps and 24v 15 amps. Neither configuration is going to get you close to maxing out the charger.

With those large packs I would switch over to higher current supplies. Two server supplies of at least 40 amps each wired in series would let charge at much higher rates. This is especially important with larger packs and parallel charging. While server supplies tend to be DIY path, there are a few folks out there selling them ready to go, plug and play. Forum rules prevent me from providing links or referenences. But these are not hard to find.

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› PC power supply output 101
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