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The planet upon which we all dwell, here at this
level of Life has been placed here by our Creator.
Perfect Intelligence set the world spinning.
Solar Heating Unit in perfect coincidence just
'down the block'.
37C our world normal OAT constant. Just above
the freezing of Dihydrogen Monoxide; under
the vapor point by the perfect amount.
We are of water - 70%
We who Live, began Life, eternal life, just
the moment the two gametes joined as one:
A soul is born.

That soul will never again die, but it will
drop off the body one special day.

Abortion will prevent that new soul - to feel
the warmth of the sun with cheeks skyward.
Something Our Creator makes us a life for is
to find full Spiritual Life in Steps, Eternally.
Oh, yes, that little one is taken to the level
of life beyond this one, by He Who Makes Us;
but missed a marvelous journey here on the Earth.

We, the living, are the only ones voting this way.

When God became human flesh and came here,
His Journey was perfect. His Mission accomplished.
In His Resurrection, He gave us permission to
believe Him.

This is Life.

Once found it can NEVER be lost.

It is His Promise to us all.

In His Love,
Rev. Byron

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › This Is Life.
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