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My e7 main gear is eating its self up inflight,After I fly I always see the black derlin dust on the bearing blocks so much that it cover the bearing block ...the gear mesh was set good and the bearing are tight I dont know if I got a bad gear or what ,my other helis dont let off this kind of a dust. I saw some pics of the E5 and it has that same dust from the gear and at 46.00 a pop thats not good.........Matt do you have any ideas ive let a bunch of people look at this ,when the gear was put in it was new with a new 12 tooth

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Hi there,

Excessive dust build up or gear wear is not something i have seen but i do have a couple of things that may be worth a check.

I usually set my gear mesh with the old paper trick, using a thing strip of paper in between the pinion and main gear to set the mesh while pushing on the motor mount. When doing this make sure you press on the motor mounting block and lower pinion support block only as just pushing on the motor can cause an offset in the mesh and this can cause excessive wear.

The other thing i would check is that the motor shaft is engaged into the lower bearing support and that the pinion is set so that it is seated against the lower bearing support block, this is important as the main gear will ride against the upper collar of the pinion and by having this set correctly it will prevent any excessive gear movement and also any stress on the motor and bearings due to the helical forces found when using helical gears.

Hope this helps, let me know how you go and if you need any further help just give me a shout.


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Darren Lee

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All good points. I would like to add that greasing the main gear goes a long way towards reducing wear and also noise.

I use this stuff, applied with a tooth brush.

Boto-Lube also works well.

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Synergy E7 › E7 main Gear
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