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Navojoa, Sonora - Mexico

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Hello, I am opening this thread to alert users wanting to buy or make business with Airfoil aerial systems, or Airfoilskycam or John Ohnemus.. They are not an honest business!
I made contact with them early July to buy from them one of his t copters for aerial photography, as soon as they received my email John was very interested on selling.. As almost every business! Happy assist me with my order… after that when he give me the estimate (more than $3,200 dlls) he only give me one payment method.. Wire transfer! he didn’t want to accept pay pal or credit cards (now I know why) but as they looked like a serious business I went ahead and made the money transfer.. That’s the end of the happy story! After the transfer he started to ignore my emails.. After 10 days I only received one short email from him saying that he was waiting for the flight controllers as they had some problems with customs!
Ok, I waited 10 more days for him to solve the “issue” and then tried to contact him again with no luck!
After some days and a lot of emails he send me another email requesting my shipping address.. Same I provided with my order… I reply to him giving him my address again and also asking him to let me know when they ship my package.. Once again… no reply from him…
I started asking him via email, calling with no reply and they didn’t pick up the phone!
After 40 days the package arrived… well at least I received the package! But once I opened I noticed the big scam!
They quote me a t copter with top of the line equipment, thunder power batteries, lawmate video downlink, with a special spotter cam to install at the view finder of the camera, a canon remote trigger with autofocus etc!
Well I received only hobby king equipment! I am not trying to say that hobby king sells crap, but that´s not what I bought!
Instead of the thunder power batteries I received turnigy batteries, instead of the lawmate video downlink I received the lowest cost video downlink that hobby king sells USED, instead of the big money special spotter cam for the view finder I received a fpv wide angle very low cost and low quality cam that I was suppose to glue to the view finder.. if you are familiar with photography you will know that that does not work! The t copters ESC are the most low quality esc that money can buy! The flight controller board was different than the one with the instructions and had no info of the brand.. After a lot of research I found it is one that sells hobby king as well! The canon remote trigger wasn’t at the package! The tilt servo was a standard servo that wasn’t able to move the camera!
As John wasn’t responding to my mails and had a job that I had to finish I put 3 days of work on the t copter having it flying to able to shoot some pictures.. I changed the servo, I had to rewire all esc as they where soldered backwards, the flight controller was installed backwards, but at least I was able to shoot.. After that John replied to my telling me that he did send everything as described at my order.. and as I already used the t copter he wasn’t going to change anything!
Well, that’s ok I told him.. no problem.. just send me the canon remote trigger… and I am still waiting for it! I already bought another trigger from another company… so I just sent him an email telling him stick the shutter up………
This thread has no intention of him returning money or sending me anything.. I just want to aware everyone of the kind of business John Ohnemus have!
Jose Salido

10-11-2012 09:36 PM  6 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran


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Sorry to hear this, hope you work it out,, John's on a roll!! XGM/VGM

John Crotts

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAerial Photography and Video News  Be aware of Airfoil aerial systems!!
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