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Dennis (RIP)



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Battleground Poll: Romney Up 16 with Independents, Up 13 In Enthusiasm

by John Nolte 8 Oct 2012

In 2008, President Barack Obama won the independent vote over John McCain by a margin of eight points, 52-44. This morning, a new Battleground Poll has Mitt Romney massacring Obama among indies by a whopping 16 points, 51-35.

That's a 24-point swing among independents since 2008, a group that makes up anywhere from a quarter to a third of voters, and yet Battleground still has Obama in the lead 49-48…?

But if I'm skeptical of those bottom-line numbers, our journalist overlords who have chosen to palace guard instead of question will declare me a "truther."

The Battleground Poll also shows an 13 point enthusiasm gap in Romney's favor. Only 73% of Obama's supporters are "extremely likely" to vote, compared to 86% of Romney's supporters.

But again, don't question Battleground's 49-48% outcome. In fact, don't question anything anymore -- or the media will question you and mock you as a "truther. " This includes questioning our government about the release of counter-intuitive unemployment statistics very helpful to the president just 30 days out from the election.

Though the media hasn't yet decided it's time for a Romney Comeback Narrative, and probably never will, even if he wins -- there's no question Romney is rebounding in every national and swing state poll.

Nationally, Gallup has it all tied up among registered voters -- with the president dangerously below 50 at 47%. Rasmussen uses the more reliable likely voter screen and has Romney up 49-47%.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, nationally Romney is only down .09%. A week ago he was down over 4 points.

In Ohio, according to RCP's poll of polls, Obama's Ohio lead has shrunk to three -- Virginia has Obama only up by 0.3. Florida and Colorado are tied.

The good news for Romney is that we are now seeing polls from each of these states with the GOP nominee in the lead. The bad news for Obama is that in most of these swing state polls, he is not hitting 50.

Well, actually the worst news for Obama is 85% of the calls made for this new Battleground Poll were made prior to Obama humiliating himself in last week's debate.

My Comments: Watch closely the desperation of lies and demonizing of the Romney campaign that come out of the left in the coming weeks. It will get worse by the day and it may very well do them no good what so ever. In fact, it will get so bad it will harm them more than help simply because when the far left comes out with all gun salvos they look as foolish and petulant as they actually are. That will turn off the independents even more so than they already have.

In the coming days and weeks before Nov 6th, you will see more and more of the left turn against the left as more and more desperation sinks in. The right will solidify itself more and more each day. The enthusiasm on the right is second to none seen in modern history.

Liberty once lost, is lost forever.

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Omaha, Nebraska

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Beautiful post and great news too sir Dennis!
I also agree you are right on as the left steps
on their own tail by November.

Yes, that are that Stupid.

Keep um coming!

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

10-08-2012 11:36 PM  6 years agoPost 3
baby uh1


St. James, Mo.

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Romney really solidified his standing with his base and the independants. I talked to several of our companies owners last week after the debate and they were pumped that Mitt actually looked and sounded presidential! Before that they weren't convinced at all and didn't want to support him.
Now they are ready to back him fully!

10-09-2012 12:02 AM  6 years agoPost 4



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Thanks for your comments Dennis.I always scroll down to read your comments first.

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