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08-30-2012 02:26 PM  5 years agoPost 1


Oak Ridge, TN

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Besides my 450 and Blade MPCx i've been flying nitro's for most of the time. But due to my kids sports schedule's and my being lazy it just feels like a burden to get everything ready and lug it to the field, so I've been thinking about going electric.

My hesitation has been battery cost and durability with the 600 or larger size helis. I have a few questions that some of you could help with.

1. Is it harder to maintain performance with the bigger batteries, especially if they sit a long time. Like I said, with my schedule I don't get out a lot anymore, so it may be weeks even months before I found time to really get out besides the occasional evening.

2. How well do they hold up during a crash. I don't crash often, but the dumb thumb does show up occassionally

3. Price. I know there can be a big range, but what would be some suggestions for some of the lower priced batteries. And before someone says it, I new you get what you pay for.

4. Machine. What are some reasonably price 600 for someone just getting into that size.

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Spanish Fork, Utah - USA

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If you takes care of the lipos and follow recommendations, ie, storage charge etc, no reason they won't give you your monies worth.
In regards to crashing, there's too many variables. Crash hard enough and the lipos will provide a means to roasting a marshmallow or two
Of course TP is still considered the best lipo, and most expensive. TP and Thor both offer 50% crash replacement, which helps with question #2
Personally I'm not a fan of Align, but you can get a great deal on a 600EFL pro combo, around $900, which includes everything but a rx.

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08-31-2012 02:14 PM  5 years agoPost 3


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Perfect Candidate For E-Power
You have all the reasons covered to go with an electric heli...
And that is what one of the biggest +'s are to E-power...
You can pick it up when you are ready, put a fresh charge on the batteries and go fly...and typically, if you do a normal flight with them, you can leave the batteries at that discharged state as a storage charge... charge them again when you are ready to go again... Of course every once in awhile you will want to do a balance charge and even a storage charge/discharge for prolonged storage...
I would agree 100% with captrip on the crash conditions...just too many variables there... BUT a lot of the new heli layouts have considered this and moved the batteries into the frames which does offer a good bit more protection in a crash... at least they are not hung out on the nose of the radio plate, which you know that you are going to hit "most" of the time!!!!
I would also suggest the Align products... easy to build and maintain, and parts are available just about at every reputable shop, online or LHS's..
The cost of batteries has gotten a lot better and it is easier to afford having more then one set of batteries for your machines.. TP has what is considered the "best" on the market, but there are a few out there that can give them a run for the money and when you save the 50% (estimated only!!!) up front, it makes it easier to by more of them, instead of paying for your 50% discount up front.. (sorry but there are other ways to go and get good results) I will pm you a company that I am using now so that you can have an example, and to not go against the RR rules...)

Good Luck, Stan

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08-31-2012 09:59 PM  5 years agoPost 4


Leeds, England

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Personally I grab my nitro gear if time is tight.

I only fly my big E's if I know ill be flying all day. With big E's you need spare time before going flying to prepare the packs and when your there your limited to the number of packs you have as to how many flights you have. Unless you have 10 sets of packs you need to lug a geny and power supply to the field, which again is fine if your there all day.

My nitro equipment consists of one briefcase style case in which there is all my starter and electric fuel pump equipment and a built in 3 Litre tank for fuel.

Plus as I am a 3d flyer 6.5 mins is better than 4 min flight times!

Anyway, depending on the flying your doing ide look at a Logo 600 3D and run it on a single 6s 5000 pack using a Scorpion 4025 1100kv motor and either a Jive 80LV or a CC ICE 75 esc governed to around 1900 rpm.

For li-po's you cant go wrong with the Turnigy 20-30C's, around $45 from hobby king.

60% of the time, it works every time!

09-02-2012 11:38 PM  5 years agoPost 5


Phnom Penh

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I just want to give you some of my experience with the different lipos i have encountered.
I wouldn't go with TP personally for the simple fact that once in awhile you will fly longer than you should and stresses out the batteries. More likely than not, they will be bloated. And those are extremely expensive. Even 50% off retail if you damage them, the lead time for shipping back and forth is troubling.

I would recommend Gens Ace packs, not because it is economical, but they have metal plates sandwiched between all the packs, so there is no issues with bloated packs under stress provided you don't do anything funny to them. Till this day, I have not seen a bloated Gens Ace. For 65c packs you are paying about $100 dollars a pack which is less than 50% off the TP packs. I have drained out my Gens Ace to about 4% left in the capacity, I have checked the Internal Resistance and they seem to be rock steady at 3.4M Ohms.

In terms of power, I cannot comment because I have tried older TP packs which I borrowed from my friend. My Gens Ace is 35c and the power difference is not much between them to my thumbs tho, certainly not twice the money and some.

It then ends it all comes down to how much you want to spend on the packs. I currently have 3 flight packs for my Goblin.
I parallel charge my batteries and they are all ready in an hour.

If you are on a budget, I would recommend the Trex 600 Pro, very good heli for that price range.
If you need something special, go with the Goblin 630, I hear its more nimble than the 700.

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