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texas - USA

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Item # 1

I go online to fill out my wife's Medicare Insurance information. The directions in the letter from Medicare don't match up with the website. The Initial Enrollment Questionaire (IEO) can't be found on the website using the search feature.

Finally I call for help. The answer is: "You shouldn't have that letter yet. You'll have to wait to try the website. Try again next week."

Item #2

I'm told by Lowes, they will honor veterans with a 10% discount. I've moved several times and don't remember where my papers are. I go online and give the Army all my information. Form letters go back and forth and FINALLY after weeks, I am informed:"We had a fire in 1973 and all those records burned...we can't help you." Stumbled across my honorable discharge a few weeks ago and Lowes is good with that.

Item #3

Mother-in-law passed away several years ago and I was doing all the paper work. On the estate tax form, there is a place for your "Employer ID Number (EIN)". It's easy to get, but the form also states that individuals don't do that. Lawyers or tax firms do. No big deal.

Guess what?'s a big deal if the IRS doesn't understand its own rules.

Three rounds with IRS finally ended up with the IRS telling me I "over read the rules". Didn't cost me any money, but the pain factor was worth more than money. I was right but I took the easy way out.

Item #4

A bunch of our American soldiers are buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Guess what our government did with some of the records? Burned, lost, buried, who know? There are graves of our brave soldiers that are now lost forever.

Item # 5

And so forth and so forth and so forth.

The point to the above dribble is most everything dealing with our government is messed up someway.

Many times that I have to deal with our own government, it turns out to be a pain in the neck (and other places too).

Why in the world would I want to fix the Immigration System to make it easier for people that are breaking our federal laws when we won't fix systems for the American citizens?

90% of life is "showing up"

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › Broken Immigration System
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