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Lindenhurst, Illinois

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1. The eflite stock servo arm does not fit on the HiTec servo spline which is wider that the eflite spline. (When ordering the HiTec servo, there was a choice between micro- and mini-helicopter size and I got the latter since the 400 is considered a mini rather than micro.) Okay, so I thought I would use the HiTec 2-arm servo arm that came with the Hitec. However, the thread to the ball from the eflite servo has a diameter of somewhere around 2 mm - (measured with digital caliper at just under but assume I was in one of the threads.) The holes in the HiTec servo arm are substantially smaller - didn't measure but am guessing about a millimeter. Considered drilling out the hole a little, but the threads on the eflite ball do not appear to be self-tapping and the smallest tap I have is 3mm. Any suggestions?

2. Am told, though haven't yet tried to fit the HitTec servos into the Blade 400 frame, that the HiTec servo is slightly bigger than eflite servo. In threads, saw three suggestions
a. Pinch the casing on the servo and squeeze it in, though at least one reply said that will end up causing internal problems in the servo after a while.
b. File down the servo housing a little until it fits
c. File down the Blade 400 frame openings until it fits.
It seems to me that c is probably the best alternative, but was looking for feedback.

3. Again, haven't mounted them yet, but in some of the posts, it is discussed that the HiTec spline is longer than the eflite spline and so some posters said they had the balls point to the inside of the elevator servo arms rather than outside as with the eflite servo. Is there a problem with mounting them on the outside anyway and having a slight angle instead of having the upper and lower ball links for the elevator dead parallel to the frame. Can't see why that would cause problems,but was wondering which way people are going, inside or outside, when they make the conversion to the HiTec servos, why they did it the way that they did, and how did it work out?

4. Also saw some posts that said that the elevator ball links to the swash will keep going up even after the other two, aile and pitch have stopped their movement. Most of the replies seemed to indicate that could be corrected by trav adj, though some said that the adjustment needed to be made in the subtrim. ANy thought from anyone who put the HiTecs on their Blade 400's?

5. Another issue seems to be that the HiTec servos move opposite to the eflite servos and the suggestion was to just reverse in the TX but another poster said that had not worked for him and he just reversed the values in swash mix - I thought they amounted to the same thing as long as the numbers were of the same value and the sign was reversed. Comments, suggestions?

6. Finally, some posts say that the HiTEc's cause the ESC to overheat because of the extra current draw. At least one recommendation was adding a BEC. Would be interested from hearing from those who have done this whether of not they used a separate BEC and how it worked out without the BEC and with the BEC.

If you are starting to wonder why I bought the damn things in the first place, I am too. Actually bought these servos because of a bunch of posts that said they were far superior for the 400 to the eflite servos (thought of course, there was not universal agreement on that). Wish I would gave researched it further before I bought them, seeing all these issues is kind of making me regret that I bought them. Comments from those that did make the switch?

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Northfield, KY - USA

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I swapped to the hs65hb servos on my B400. They were slightly tighter than the eflites, but not enough so to warrant modifying the frames. They were faster and a lot more crash resistant than the stock servos. As far as the ESC overheating, I had no issues with that

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAfter Market Accessories › Need help mounting HiTec hs65hb servos on Blade 400 many questions - few answers
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