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Muncie, Indiana USA/Obando, Bulacan Philippines

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Empire Hobby, Gaui, Scorpion and IRCHA are proud to present

The ONE Competition

7 Top Helicopter Pilots

Up to 7 minutes of flight

$7,000 Dollars

One Flight, One Winner

The One Competition, represents the "best of best" in terms of venue, pilot talent, and event excitement. This

competition is designed to allow top level pilots to showcase their accomplishments in front of both highly

accomplished judges as well as the heli community for $7000 cash. Their worth has been more than proven in

various events around the globe, and we are grateful to each of them for competing during the premiere event

that is IRCHA. Unlike most competitions this competition gives you, the heli fan, a chance to see the world's top

pilots putting it all out there in one single hour. Please take the time to thank the organizers and competitors of

this event for giving us all something to behold.


The One Competition will be held at the AMA Headquarters, Site 4 during the 2012 IRCHA

Jamboree Saturday August 18th , 2012.

Approximately 12:00 Noon

Center Stage

2011 One Competition Rules and Regulations


1. Event Format:

Pilot Selection:

1.1 There will be a total of six (6) pre-selected/invited pilots that will be participating in the event

1.2 The Defending 2011 champion, Kyle Dahl, is automatically invited to defend his title as one

of the six competitors..

1.3 The top three (3) winners of the recently concluded XFC and the top three (3) winners of 3D Masters will

be automatically invited to participate.

1.4 Should Any of the above invited pilots unable to participate, the fourth place winner from XFC

and 3D Masters will be given the opportunity to be invited. The committee will continue to go down on the list from both events if pilots continue to be unavailable.

1.5 The 7th and final pilot will be chosen by the competition committee as part of the event's tradition of selecting the "Lucky 7th Pilot."

2. Flight Format:


2.1 Pilots will be given the opportunity to fly for up to 7 minutes.

2.1.1 Pilots can fly the entire tank of fuel/ entire capacity of his or her battery pack (up to 14s) on his/her helicopter or up to 7 minutes of flying which ever

comes first.

2.1.1a. Pilots are also allowed to utilize the entire 7 mins. If chosen to do so, pilots are allowed to be creative in utlilizing the entire 7 mins of his/her freestyle flight. This could be a long pause, a new set of batteries, a different helicopter, etc.. as long as the freestyle is no longer than a total of 7 mins flight from the time the caller signal the start of flight.

2.2 Pilots are required to submit their music of no later than 12:00 PM August 12, 2011 (1 day prior

to the day of the event). Music shall be sent via email in digital format to or hand

delivered on a jump drive or other media that can be saved to main audio computer.

Music will be held in the strictest of confidence.

2.3 Competition will entail a technical portion to the flight. The technical portion shall be

flown at the beginning of the flight and will be made up of 2 technical maneuvers. No music is required (but is optional) during the

technical portion of the flight. If music is utilized during the technical portion, it shall not be given any

additional consideration from a judging standpoint. All technical flights are to be judged as if no

music were playing. The pilot's spotter is required to signal the judges at the start of the pilot's

freestyle routine. The spotter's signal will also be utilized to start the pilot's music if music has not

been started prior to the freestyle/flight.

2.3.1 Technical Maneuvers (to be flown in order)

1.TBA on Thursday morning, August 16, 2012

2. TBA on Saturday morning, August 18, 2012 during the pilot's meeting

* Both maneuvers will be described (step by step) by the committee as per how it needed to be done by each competitor. NO other interpretations will be consider.


3. Judging and Scoring:

3.1 There will be a panel of six (6) judges

1. Jim Stark - Head Judge - comfirmed

2. Alex Rodriguez - comformed

3. Matt Botos - comfirmed

4. Nigel Brown

5. Jared Gransgow


3.2 30% of the pilot's total score will be come from the technical portion as scored by the judges.

50% of the pilot's total score will be based on the freestyle portion as scored by the judges. 20% of

the pilot's total score will be based on crowd input as measured by an audio meter and normalized

based on the highest db reading.

4. Machines/Equipments:

4.1 All pilots will be allowed to fly any brand of machine/gear he or she chooses to fly.

4.2 Nitro or Electric machines may be utilized in the event.

4.3 Pilots are responsible for their own starting equipment, batteries, and fuel.

4.4 All participants are encouraged to bring a back-up machine in an event that their primary

machine won't start or encounters some problem prior to flight.

4.5 Pilots will be allowed to fly more than one machine or switch batteries to maximize the 7 minutes flight allowed in the competition

5. Flight Station and Flight Safety:

5.1 We want to give the competitors as much freedom as possible during the One competition but

safety shall be paramount for both the competitors and the spectators.

5.1a There will be a 10 ft. semi-circle in front of the pilot station that will serve as a no fly zone to

avoid flying to close to the competitors, spotters, judges and crowd.

5.1b No part of the helicopter will be allowed to touch the ground other than the skids during the

entire routine/flight. In the event that a participant's helicopter comes in contact with the ground

(other than the skids), the event spotter will notify the judges at the end of the flight and the flight will be judged as a ZERO flight.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 Pilots are asked to wear the event shirt during the entire competition including the pilotfs

meeting in support of foundation benefiting from the event. Approximately 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

6.2 Pilots will be asked to attend a pilot assembly at the Empire Hobby booth where a group picture

will be taken in front of the Empire Booth at 10:30 am Saturday the 18th. If permitted, A question and answer

session will follow for the invited press.

6.2.1 Donation of prize money will not be accepted during the Jamboree. Pilot's are not expected

and shall not be pressured to donate any prize money.

6.3 There will be two trophies awarded to the winner. One shall be awarded to the pilot to take with

them, the main trophy will be returned to the AMA lobby where the name of the winner will be

added to it. The later will continue to carry the names of previous and future winners of this event.


2012 One Competition Pilots

1) Kyle Dahl- 2011 The One Competition Champion - 2012 3D Master Champion - confirmed

2) Nick Maxwell- USA- 2012 XFC Champion - confirmed

3) Jamie Robertson - USA - 2012 XFC Runner up - confirmed

4) Eitan Goldstin - 3D Master Runner up-confirmed

5) Pomo Unitanada - 3D Master 3rd place - waiting..

6) Bobby Watts - USA - XFC 4th place (2010 The One Champion)

7) Lucky #7- TBA

Back up Pilots:

1. Kyle Stacy

2. Duncan Bossian

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Muncie, Indiana USA/Obando, Bulacan Philippines

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2012 The One champion:


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