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07-30-2012 11:48 PM  9 years ago
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Proctor, Arkansas

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Electronics N/E
Hey!!! Whippy Pilots. Whats under your hood? Send some pics of what you got and how you have it wired. I'm looking for a neat way to wire up my whippy, also Nitro guys as well.

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07-31-2012 01:48 AM  9 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Farmington, CT

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-Scorpion 4525-520
-Castle ESC ICE2 120 HV (I'd recommend the 160HV from what I've seen though with this motor)
-Futaba BLS451's
-Futaba BLS251
-Futaba CGY750
-Western Robotics Super BEC

Working very well.
Team Align, Team Futaba, Team Byron Fuels, Team Thunder Power
07-31-2012 03:54 AM  9 years ago
Tyler Benson

rrKey Veteran

Louisiana usa

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Quantum 4530 500kv
castle 160HV
JR 8917HV
Futaba 256HV
2s lipo to power everything
2 x THOR 5000 6s

The best heli I've flown to date!, I've flown almost every brand and size once,and the Whiplash has the best all around performance.
Team Ready Heli
Team Gaui USA/
07-31-2012 04:15 AM  9 years ago

rrElite Veteran

santa fe, NM, USA

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Scorpion HKIII-4035 450KV
BLS255HV on cyclic
BLS251 on tail
Scott Gray Reactor X2 regulator
3850mah 2S TP flight pack for ballast and on-board electronics
Microbeast FBL unit
5200mah Align 40C 6S pack

I fly mine exclusively on 6S as a low-performance, high-efficiency, high safety experimentation platform, approx 1200-1300 head speed. One of my Aligns gives 8 to 10 mins flight time (tho it still gives 8 minutes on 12S also). Not really what a Whippy is designed for, but it turns out it does a great job, especially with the Radix V2 710 blades. I can even aileron roll and loop it with not much trouble and even stationary flips are doable with good collective management (else you'll blow out the tail really easily).

WAG on the weight with one flight batt in it is between 10.5 and 11lbs.

As for wiring, the only suggestion I'd make is put the ESC in MA's recommended location inside the frame above the flight batt area. You have to interrupt the build for a bit to get the ESC mounted in there and the motor plugged in etc before you button it up. But this is really the perfect place for the ESC. You don't need to run any extensions to the batts, as the input leads to the ESC are plenty long when it's installed there.

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07-31-2012 05:05 PM  9 years ago


Riverview, FL

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Whiplash E
-Scorpion 4035-510
-Castle ICE2 120HV
-Gens Ace 5300
-Align DS610's on Cyclic
-Align DS650 on the tail
-V-Bar mini running 5.3
-Futaba 3ch S.Bus rx
-Voltz LiFe @ 6.6 running the electronics straight through
-Mavrikk 690's on the main
-Mavrikk 105's on the tail

Whiplash N
-Funtech Muffler
-Align DS610's on cyclic and throttle
-Align DS650 on the tail
-V-Bar full size running 5.3
-Two Spektrum Sat receivers running DSMX
-Voltz Life @ 6.6 running the electronics straight through
-Mavrikk 690's on the main
-Mavrikk 105's on the tail

Take a look in my Gallery for the build of both. I took pictures of the actual wiring on the E but not the N for some reason.

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08-03-2012 09:51 AM  9 years ago



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OS 91 speed, now with Hatori speed pipe.
Futaba HV 255 on cyclic and HV 256 on tail.
Align DS650 servo on throttle with Futaba step down regulator.
CGY 750 for FBL controller, with BPS sensor on gov.
Edge 693's SE main and edge 105 tail.
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08-03-2012 10:56 PM  9 years ago



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whiplash Nitro FBL

OS 105 hzr
hatori 105
JR 8717's on cyclic
bls256hv on tail
align ds610 on throttle duty
VBAR 5.3 on spektrum sats
thunderpower 5400mah flight pack, just fits!
perfect regulator 2 channel step down and switch
switch glow pro.
rotortech 710 FBL mains and 105 tails.

total weight with a full tank is 5.6kg
a little porky but it moves when you want it too
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