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07-29-2012 06:53 PM  8 years ago
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James Carville is Scared!
James Carville is Scared!

By Lee Kennedy

Even James Carville is panicky about the election. Recently the DNC sent a fundraising e-mail out to its supporters begging them for $3. In the e-mail Carville says, “I wish I had good news for you, But here’s where things really stand: We’re gonna have to go through hell and high-water to win this damn thing.”

After several statements over the last several weeks about Obama, like saying “I’m not an Obama Guy…I’m a Clinton Guy,” Carville seams to be showing his hand. But the question remains are the “Clinton” Democrats preparing for an Obama loss? Maybe. Let’s take a minute and look at the evidence.

Look at the primaries. Obama had a run for his money in West Virginia from Keith Russell Judd, who by the way resides in a Texas Prison cell. Astonishingly, Judd received over 42% of the vote. Obama didn’t fair much better in the Kentucky or Arkansas primaries also losing 42% of the primary vote.

Now let’s look who’s skipping the DNC convention. Up first is Senator Claire McCaskill. Stating that she is too busy, McCaskill is running behind all of the Republicans even before the Republican primary is over…That is seriously bad news for McCaskill. We can all see why she would run from Obama, but who else is skipping the event and distancing themselves from Obama.

Rep. Jim Matheson, Senator Jon Tester, Senator Joe Manchin, Rep. Nick Rahall and Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, all who have distanced themselves from Obama and refused to go to the DNC convention in North Carolina. That in itself is very telling.

All of the signs today point to one common denominator, Obama and the Democrat Party are in serious trouble.

Liberty once lost, is lost forever.
07-29-2012 07:16 PM  8 years ago

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Flat Land's

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They are Running
To save themselves - Rat's off a ship

The first to be identified as coward's - Saving their $$$ accountant's : Interesting to publish their voting record's

Should stand for their citizen's - SPEAK OUT -Take a real stand- Go after their own leader that is destroying them.

-- Then further on to whom is really behind the string's of the Obama puppet.

Selfish and self serving - their own greed.
07-29-2012 07:38 PM  8 years ago
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Maybe if they had read the birth certificate and a few other things before they voted for them?Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about!
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Home🌌Off Topics🌌Off Topics News & Politics › James Carville is Scared!

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