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07-29-2012 02:21 AM  8 years ago
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07-29-2012 02:52 AM  8 years ago


Omaha, Nebraska

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Man that was awesome.

Thank you for posting this here on RunRyder.

I will send it to all my email addresses.

The 'Creeping Gradualism' the old woman spoke of
is exactly that which is happening in the USA,
under the rule of a socialist muslim.

These poor souls don't get The Grace of God in Christ
and the complete forgiveness that is offered free of
charge to any who will but receive God's Precious

Islam is a religion FROM the Mind of a Man.

Christ Jesus was sent by God to redeem those who
will turn to HIM.

Today, we do not fully SEE what the Government
of the USA is trying to do to us in the name
of Consumer Protection.

THIS is the MOST IMPORTANT election in the history
of the USA.

We have all seen what nearly four years of Obama
has done - shutting it all down.

To restore our hope and faith *If there is any faith
left for the corruption polical office engenders,
we as a society MUST Make our voice heard in 100 days!

THE GOAL: Place, by majority election, ANYBODY
else in the White House!

Vote every incumbent out of office, and replace them
with new blood.

IF WE FAIL, a new US Revolution awaits on the horizon
of our children's lives. This I assure you.

Render unto the government that which is theirs,
and give unto GOD Almighty that which Belongs to HIM.
Jesus Christ is the Key to locating the Love of God.

Please for your grand-children - turn unto the Saving
Grace of God in His Son, Our Lord.

If you do not do this one important thing, you will
come to a day when you will pray with fervor you had!

Second Corinthians 5:21
I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!
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