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07-26-2012 12:47 AM  8 years ago
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Buxton, NC USA

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700 V3 Servo Issues
I just bought a new V3 from Debbie's RC (Horizon Vendor)

We have it all together now but we have a snag...
maybe you guys have some ideas... here is the issue...

The Align 700 hv servos have too much travel and are binding.
We tried travel adjust and they still go TOO FAR... What do we
do because its an $$$ bird and I don't want to just try to fly
it with binding servos. Also do you know what frequency these servos are set to? There's no specs anywhere on them. tail and cyclic.

Id appreciate any help you guys can offer...

Justin Davis
Avid Horizon Customer, and Align Heli Flyer.
Trex 700 V3, TRex 500, Blade 130x, Blade Mcpx
07-26-2012 03:26 AM  8 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Is this a 3GX FBL heli? You'll be doing most of your initial radio setup with the 3GX box operating in DIR mode (which bypasses the 3GX controller, for the most part). Here you will set your zero degree at mid-collective stick geometry, the overall pitch range, and will set the Aileron and Elevator maximum cyclic deflection to 8 degrees. Pay attention to which servo you plug into the controller for the aileron and pitch functions. The 3GX box is picky about where these two servos are located on the airframe. More information is included in the 3GX software control and setup program.

If a 3GX system, make sure you have loaded the latest version of firmware into the 3GX controller.

Transmitter channel endpoints at 100% (default setting).

Use the transmitter SWASH MIX (or SWASH AFR) menu AILE, ELEV, and PITCH settings to set your overall collective pitch travel and aileron/elevator cyclic deflection. This should take care of your question.

If you still have too much travel...and have a choice of holes in the servo arms for link balls...move in one hole, try that. Readjust the SWASH MIX values to get the overall pitch range you want, and the cyclic pitch deflection you want.

Pretty standard stuff.

Is this your first ever heli? Is this your first ever CCPM controlled heli?

The servos aren't "set" to a frequency, they are designed for a specific neutral pulse width (1.520 msec) and would work fine with up to a 250 Hz refresh rate.

It appears you have not ever had to setup a CCPM heli from scratch based on your question.

This may help....

The first part is step by step setup, the second half tells you what the various radio settings do. Pay close attention to what the SWASH MIX numbers do for you and what they mean. Also read about what the PITCH, ELEV, and AILE numbers do. Read, understand. You'll be able to set up your heli pretty much by yourself.

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Team Heliproz
07-26-2012 03:21 PM  8 years ago


Buxton, NC USA

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No this isnt my first heli.

I'm in Virginia beach right now and my friend has my 700 was setting it up while Im out of town. And he was telling me a few quirky things about the setup.

We didnt use the 3gx. We have the new all in one Spektrum / BeastX AR7200BX. I could PM you his phone number if you think it would help? Were kinda of desperate for some questions answered on this heli since noone has one yet. Noone to really ask.

Trex 700 V3, TRex 500, Blade 130x, Blade Mcpx
07-26-2012 09:18 PM  8 years ago


Leeds, England

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Follow the BeastX manual, you can't go wrong.60% of the time, it works every time!
07-27-2012 05:47 AM  8 years ago


Birmingham, AL

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HV servos
The beastX manual seros work perfectly, I've been using my servos for about 4 weeks, i run a beastx and they run fast with no binding
07-27-2012 11:05 AM  8 years ago


Boden, Sweden

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With beastX you dont use travel adjust in the Tx.
You use swash type "1 Servo" and then almost everything else is done in the BeastX.
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