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fla heli boy
maybe so dj, but we're trying to stop the bleeding. I know our governor is VERY active in doing something about it. Cali meanwhile, plows full steam ahead into more debt. I guess you don't read the news much. Jersey is another good example.
You need to do your reading, New Jersey is having just as many problems as any other State, and Chrisite has done little to turn it around. Here are a few examples.

- NJ ranks 45th out of 51 nationally in private-and public-sector job growth since January 2010
- NJ's budget deficit is growing by the month, it is currently just under 1 Billion.
And you live in the most corrupt city, which lies in the most corrupt county, which is in the most corrupt state in the country.
Again, all documented and published.
That's your opinion, corruption to some degree exists in every County, City and State in the Country. I've owned property in Palm Beach County Florida. I wanted access to a public road, I was told the only way I could get it was to grease the palms of certain Commissioners on the County Zoning Board,, I sold the property. PB County 20 years when I bought the property as well as today, is controlled by Republicons.
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