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06-10-2012 08:17 PM  9 years ago


42½ N, 83½ W

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I don't know if he was serious or not.
To the people that don't know the technicals, he sounds serious.
To the people that DO know the technicals, he's blowing smoke.
06-11-2012 12:38 AM  9 years ago


A little to the right and down!

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The way I see it, the only viable option is to use fuel cell powered vehicles. The fuel would be liquid hydrogen and can easily be refilled (at least easier than charging large batteries).

Before we can get there though, people have to start driving responsibly. I think once they realize they are driving miniature Hindenburgs they may get the idea.
If it ain't broke, go fly some more!
06-11-2012 02:10 AM  9 years ago
DS 8717


Here wishing i was somewhere else

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When your battery is discharged, you can pull into any of a number of recharging stations and fill it up in less than 5 minutes and be on your way again
And i suppose you think they are going to let you charge your car for free?
06-11-2012 12:06 PM  9 years ago


Macon, GA

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dkshema was stating what an electric car would have to be able to do to be equal to a gasoline powered car. We are a long, long, way away from that. You will driving some form of an IC powered automobile for the rest of your life.Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for Radio Control Helicoptering.
06-11-2012 06:09 PM  9 years ago

rrKey Veteran


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You will driving some form of an IC powered automobile for the rest of your life.
If they'd change the Indy 500 to 'all electric powered' vehicles, we'd be driving them before this decade was out. Racing is where the real innovations in technology come from. Well, that and the military...
There, their and they're. It's really that simple.
06-11-2012 09:49 PM  9 years ago

rrElite Veteran


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please prove to me this carb exists. There have been several claims of the 100mpg carb, some people have even tried to build one with the plans in the us pat. archives and they all FAILED!!!
06-12-2012 04:24 AM  9 years ago


Cedar Rapids, IA

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I dont think the guy was being serious about a 5 minute charge,do you
Any why not? How long does it take you to fill YOUR tank at the local gas station? Half-a-day? Overnight? I think not.

I can fill the tank of my Subaru Outback waqon in about 5 minutes, and with the average MPG I'm getting around town with occasional trips out of town, get about a 400 mile range. That's typically a 14-gallon fill up, perhaps a minute longer if I put in closer to the 16-gallon amount a really empty tank would hold.

Yes, I WAS serious about the 5-minute charge, because it isn't going to happen any time soon. Even double that to a ten minute charge, still won't happen any time soon.

The $40,000 Chevy Volt:
The 2011 Volt's lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) battery pack weighs 435 lb (197 kg) and consists of 288 individual cells arranged into nine modules. Plastic frames hold pairs of lithium-ion cells that sandwich an aluminum cooling fin. The design and construction of that aluminum plate was critical to ensuring an even temperature distribution with no hot or cool spots across the flat, rectangular cell. The battery pack has its own cooling circuit that is similar to, but independent from, the engine cooling system.

For the 2011/2011 model years, the battery pack stores 16 kW·h of energy but it is controlled or buffered via the energy management system to use only 10.3 kW·h of this capacity to maximize the life of the pack. For this reason the battery pack never fully charges or depletes, as the software only allows the battery to operate within a state of charge (SOC) window of 65%, after which the engine kicks in and maintains the charge near the lower level. The minimum SOC varies depending on operating conditions. When more power is required, such as mountain mode, the lower limit of the SOC will rise to 45% to ensure there is enough power available. The battery capacity will be increased to 16.5 kW·h for the 2013 model year, the SOC window will be increased to use 10.8 kW·h of the total battery energy, and the buffer to ensure battery life will be reduced. These changes will increase the Volt's all-electric range but charging will take slightly longer. The improved battery performance and durability were achieved through minor changes to the material composition of the battery cell chemistry.

Because batteries are sensitive to temperature changes, the Volt has a thermal management system to monitor and maintain the battery pack temperature for optimum performance and durability. The Volt's battery pack provides reliable operation, when plugged in, at temperatures as low as −13 °F (−25 °C) and as high as 122 °F (50 °C). Because the Volt features a battery pack that can be warmed or cooled, in cold weather the battery is preheated during charging to provide full power capability; in hot weather the battery can be cooled during charging. The Volt’s thermal management system can also be powered during driving either by the battery or engine.
I guess there are no facts in this post....

Let's see, 435 pounds. A usable temperature range of -13 to +122 deg F (needing preheating in colder weather, cooling in warmer weather) that makes it impractical in cold or hot climates, and if you use the battery itself to maintain safe operating temps, then you would lose a bit of mileage.

The Volt will run about 31.5 miles on a full charge, using only the battery. GM says it will soon boost that to 40. Whoo hoo.

From a car that costs $40,000 to buy, and in order to make it worth your while, the GOVERNMENT will give you a $7500 tax credit. And in the end, no one is buying it.

I searched for information regarding the replacement cost, found nothing with real facts to back it up. BUT -- GM offers an 8-year, 100,000 mile warranty on the battery. I don't know if that warranty is transferable, anyone want to buy a 5-year old Volt with 65,000 wiles on it, and no battery warranty? This seems to be a disposable car, because no-one with brains would buy it used, or take it on trade.

The fully electric automobile, capable of doing what I can do right now with my Subaru, won't exist for a very long time at anything approaching a reasonable cost. The ONLY way at this point in time for an electric car to be economically viable is for the GOVERNMENT to drive the cost of gasoline up so high that the electric alternative becomes viable. Market, market, market.

The real shame here is that the United States is sitting on, or near enough petroleum product to BE energy independent and the GOVERNMENT won't allow it to be developed. Further, we're not all that dependent upon oil from the Middle East. The percentage of crude oil imported into the US from the Middle East is not massive, less than 25% of the imported crude coming into the US:

Note that Persian-Gulf imports account for only 17% of the crude.

Canada is our largest supplier. Of course, that Canadian number could actually increase even more, except the Keystone Pipeline is being stalled by... ...our GOVERNMENT.

It appears that GOVERNMENT is NOT the answer, it's a large part of the problem. This is the SAME GOVERNMENT that tells you they can deliver better health-care to you at a lower cost than is currently available in the free-market.

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Team Heliproz
06-12-2012 02:48 PM  9 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Isle of Wight,United Kingdom

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Five minutes tops-with gasoline Five minute charge? not yet or anytime soonTeam- unbiased opinion.K.I.S.S principle upheld here
06-12-2012 03:38 PM  9 years ago
fla heli boy

rrElite Veteran

cape coral, florida

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I've seen a 4s batt fire. Imagine a 288s batt fire..
40 miles on a charge. So you saved 1-2 gallons of gas over an IC vehicle. 5 bucks +/-. I wonder how much your electrical bill goes up for every re-charge???
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