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06-08-2012 06:02 PM  9 years ago
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Ahhh man, now the Germans hate Obama too!
German Paper: “Ist Obama ein Kommunist?”

Stanley Kurtz provided an invaluable service during the ’08 election cycle by researching Obama’s background, his ties to ACORN, work with Bill Ayers on The Annenberg Project, and Woods Fund, and his ties to the Socialist “New Party”. He’s making headlines again by proving in NRO once and for all that Obama was in fact, a member of the Socialist New Party in the 1990s:

Here is a rough translation of what is being reported about Dear Leader overseas:

But the fact (is ) that Obama has many connections to people who are involved in the international communist movement. The question that we do not dare to ask is, of course, why Obama concealing his ideological beliefs. Many will reply that it was surely only a coincidence that he has just started on the birthday of Karl Marx his campaign. Many will reply that ignorance is the reason that Obama has a Marxist activists (Van Jones) has been appointed as his Special Representative for the Green Jobs Initiative. And many claim to be, it did not matter that Obama’s former mentor Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party.

Kurtz was initially not Obama a communist, but now he revised this misjudgment. “During the election campaign of 2008 I did not hesitate to call Obama a radical,” Kurtz said in an interview. “But not even I would have thought at that time that he literally is a Communist. . When I examined his past, I discovered a clear communist activities, I discovered a phase in his life where he was literally a classic Marxist-Leninist “When asked why the press Obama’s Marxist background have not been revealed, said Kurtz,” There have been no real efforts to verify Obama during the presidential campaign. Such material, which came to light at that time was completely ignored by the mainstream press, and indeed deliberately and systematically. “
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Home🌌Off Topics🌌Off Topics News & Politics › Ahhh man, now the Germans hate Obama too!

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