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06-02-2012 06:11 PM  6 years agoPost 41


Fayetteville, GA - USA

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Check the diagram on the ebay listing.

3 positions for the brushless motor...2 outputs for DC.

This is the exact bridge rectifier and cap I am currently using for my onboard generator on my gasser.

And yes, I am trying to be helpful. My supplied components are good in both theory and practice.

In regards to the original link, you would need to use 2 of those. You can get those at your local radio shack and they can be wired in series to produce the desired outcome. The first generator I built used 2 of them. My final version was simplified with the single rectifier from my last link.

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06-02-2012 06:23 PM  6 years agoPost 42


42½ N, 83½ W

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I stand corrected.

That item looked exactly like the four terminal 35 amp bridges I have in stock that I didn't look close enough at the Ebay picture and see the 5th terminal.

I will suggest that you forget using those silicon bridges and switch to schottky diodes. Less voltage drop, runs cooler, more efficient.

06-02-2012 08:16 PM  6 years agoPost 43

rrElite Veteran

Las Vegas , NV

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ever heard of super fluids ? not really far from the pic, BUT it has to stay very, very, very cold to flow or should i say super flow........

Watch at Vimeo

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06-02-2012 08:40 PM  6 years agoPost 44


Cedar Rapids, IA

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How do I replay (quote) another post?
Easy...the brute force method:

Go to the post you want to quote. Highlight it (just like most Windows applications, then use "copy" or use CTRL-C to copy it.

Open your reply window, then use "paste" or CTRL-V to put the text in the reply window. In front of the text you just pasted, type in a left-square bracket, the word "quote", and a right square bracket. At the end of the text you pasted, type in a left square bracket, a slash, the word "quote" and a right square bracket -- it will look like this in the reply window (the example below has a space following both left brackets -- leave that space out when you do it for real) :

[ quote]How do I replay (quote) another post?[ /quote]


Or you highlight the text you want to quote (again using normal Windows stuff, use "copy" or CTRL-C to cut it, go to your reply window, and paste it using "paste" or CTRL-V. Highlight the text you just pasted in the reply window, then click the light blue QUOTE button above the reply window. RR will stick in the quote tags automatically.

As for posting already know how to get them to your gallery.

From there, open the gallery (any gallery will do) where you want to grab the picture to post. Move your mouse just below the desired picture, a light gray bar will light up. Click on the gray bar a new window will open up showing which picture(s) you have selected. Select as many as you want to post. Go back to the reply window you were typing in, you'll see the PREVIEW button at the bottom is now RED. Click the Preview button. All pictures that you placed on your clipboard will be inserted in your post. When you're through with your post, click the SUBMIT button.

To empty your clipboard, click the word "Empty" at its top right corner. Once you have stuff on your clipboard, you'll see a yellow banner at the top of each page, to empty it, click the word "Empty".


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