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04-06-2012 07:07 AM  9 years ago
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720 problem identified !
I got board the other day so i dug out the skookum SK-720 that i had replaced with a HC3-SX because i had have problems with self-leveling drifting with this paticular unit, well long story short, i had removed it from the case and was looking the bourd over when i suddenly realised that the large analog devices mems gyro chip on the board (which is a ball grid array (BGA) type) was not level with the board, in fact it was not even close to being parallel with the board !!! it wasn't just tipping one way but it was more so one corner was very high !!! just to make sure it wasn't just me i took it to work and had several people look at it and they immediately pointed to the corner that was very obviously high,

(large silver topped chip)

so now what to do ?

i desided to fix it myself after watching a few videos about changing ball grid array chips, soooo break out the heat gun and away i went, heated it up and it droped down to where it was parallel with the board and squared it with the alignment marks and let it cool down.

at the end of the day i took it home with me, plug it back on the control board, put it back in the case, and then pluged it into my computer, long dramatic pause IT STILL WORKED !

ran it through a battery of tests and it passed with flying colors, now all i need now is the new firmware update that lets you "zero the sensors" and it will be ready for the quad that i have been planning on building ever since i removed it from my Mini Protos a while back !
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01-08-2014 12:16 AM  7 years ago
Skookum Robotics


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Good work! Except, one minor problem: Because sensor packages are so small, they almost never solder level enough to get high-quality results for self-level (or even good axial 3D). Even if they appear level, the precision needed for self-level is rare.

So we do an off-axis calibration of every gyro we make, on a special rig that measures precise mounting error in all the sensors. Our gyros then correct any mounting offsets in software. The "relevel sensors" feature in our software only corrects the simplest calibration, out of 3 different types that we do.

Long story short, to get good performance you should now mail the unit to us for service.

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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterFlybarless Rotor Head SystemsSkookum › 720 problem identified !

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