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04-01-2012 04:29 AM  7 years ago
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Springfield, Missouri -United states

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TT Pro 39
Is the TT Pro 39 a good engine or should I replace it with an OS 37. I was told they are difficult to tune. I'm not into hard 3D so top end power isn't really an issue. Could the carb be replaced with one from an OS 37?
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04-01-2012 11:54 AM  7 years ago


saint louis mo.

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The TT 39 is not bad-BUT--The os 37-IS FAR BEYOND. The 39 does not carburate as well because of the longer stroke,-but works ok!!
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04-03-2012 03:42 AM  7 years ago
Neon Juripuri


Peculiar Mo USA

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Is the TT Pro 39 a good engine or should I replace it with an OS 37.
Reading this sentence,it sounds like you already have a TT motor. You are talking about replacing it. If that is the case just fly it
The TT motor gets better gas mileage,and the OS has more power. It would take a little fabrication to get the os carb on a TT. I looked at it a while back. I think the OS neck was smaller than the hole in the block where it slides in. You would have to make a sleeve,or maybe JB weld it to see how it works. I googled it when I was looking at it. Somebody was bragging how well the TT ran with some obsolete OS.46 carb. I really don't see the point of going to all of that trouble. By the time you get a carb,and figure out how to make it fit,you might as well of just bought an os. I can't see it outperforming the 37 OS. My TT 39 actually isn't that bad to tune.
You HAVE to follow the instructions.
In my opinion,if you already have a TT 39,and you need more power. I would just buy a 50 motor and make it a 50.
In my opinion the OS 37 and TT39 both have good power until the outside temps get above 80,then it's a battle to keep them cool.
Last summer I bought a Maverik fan for my OS and that helped a bunch.
I am rambling on, so I guess I'll shut up now.
I hope something in there helps answer your question.
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