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04-01-2012 02:28 AM  7 years ago
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601 9251 question
Excuse my ignorance. I have a Futaba 601 w/9251 servo and was wondering how I get the servo travel to be linear with my transmitter stick? When I move my transmitter stick (7C)the servo reaches maximum travel about 50% of actual stick travel. When I crank up the travel limit it just goes farther faster but still maxed out at 50% stick travel. Is there a way to widen the gyro frame? How do you get the servo/gro to move linear when max stick is max servo travel or is it even possible to do? Thanks for any info

Century Hawk Sport, OS .32, Futaba 7C, GY-601 9251
Predator Gasser SE G-23, Fut 3010 servos, JR gyro/servo
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